Rainbird Sprinkler Systems

The Rainbird Corporation, designers of the Rainbird Sprinkler System, pride themselves in delivering the highest quality irrigation systems, regardless of your needs. With five areas of expertise, and the finest products on the market, your Rainbird Sprinkler System is sure to provide you with the most accurate of irrigation systems with the highest quality equipment.

Rainbird Sprinkler Systems are tailor made for five specific environments: Agriculture, Consumer, Turf, Landscape Drip, and for use on Golf courses. Rainbird has a flawless reputation in all areas of expertise, and provide all of their consumers with top of the line products and impeccable customer service. Whether you are a suburban homeowner dabbling in landscape design, or the owner of a lush golf course on the coast of California, Rainbird has exactly what you need.


The Agriculture line of products was created for farmers. When the Rainbird Corporation was developed, this was the focus of the company. Products for the Agriculture Rainbird Sprinkler System range from a simple drip system to powerful Rain Guns. With water-resistant components, water conserving mechanisms, and chemical and fertilizer application capability, the Agricultural line of Rainbird Sprinkler Systems is ideal for any farm.


The Consumer line of products was developed to serve the every day homeowner or gardener. This Rain Bird Sprinkler System supplies do-it-yourselfers with any and every product they need for their residential needs. Products are easy to install, easy to use, and homeowners are encouraged to call technical support for efficient assistance if needed.


From residential needs to a full sized baseball diamond, this is the Rainbird Sprinkler System for all turf maintenance. All turf products are easy to install and come with many options. Each product designed for turf maintenance was created with quality and cost-efficiency in mind.

Landscape Drip

A revolutionary system that was created to conserve water and improve the growth of plants, the Lanscape Drip Rainbird Sprinkler System is a simple, and yet, genious product for growers seeking low-volume irrigation options. Water is delivered directly to the root of the plant, nearly eliminating wasteful watering and protecting against evaporation. The Landscape Drip line of products is a fabulously efficient system.


The choice of several top golf courses in the United States, the products for Golf courses developed by Rain Bird are high-tech and impressive. Controlled by a computer-based system, this program is directly connected to a weather station, and adjusts your courses care accordingly. This Rainbird Sprinkler System is an ideal choice for any Golf course. Coupling high-tech capability with practical care, this sprinkler system is revolutionary and impressive.

Each Rainbird Sprinkler System is carefully designed and tested. Systems are tested in one of the worlds largest indoor irrigation testing centers, by their quality control staff. Not only are there products revolutionary, but dependable and efficient as well. Rainbird takes great pride in their customer service and the quality of their product. No matter the need, Rainbird has the ideal system for you.

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