Rammed Earth Residential Construction

There are so many ways to build your own house these days that it is hard to keep up with the latest trends. Building your own home is something that most people dream about because it is a major achievement and you can enjoy that fruits of your labours, and there is also the added bonus that you could help the environment whilst doing all this. Rammed earth residential constructions follow the latest trend in that they are green, but is it a viable way of building your own home?

What Is Rammed Earth?

Rammed earth residential constructions are extremely popular in Australia and are built of rammed earth. Believe it or not, this concept is exactly as simple as it sounds. Earth is basically compacted between forms in order to form stable walls that can withstand even the most extreme of conditions.

The level of earth between each form is only 6” deep but you will not get a firmer base for a wall because of the strengthening properties of the earth. The best way to compact the earth in a rammed earth residential construction is via pneumatic machinery because this packs it far better than any hand tool ever could.

The earth in rammed earth residential constructions needs to be a finely balanced mix of clay, sand and aggregate in order to make sure that it will withstand all weathers and any other problems that may come its way.

Costs Of Rammed Earth Residential Construction

Rammed earth residential constructions cost roughly the same as normal residential constructions as a rule of thumb. The mixing and transportation of the earth as well as the costs of actually designing and erecting the residence is comparable with the purchasing of materials and erecting of a bricks and mortar residence.

However, the environmental benefits are far greater and generally tend to weight in favour of a rammed earth residential construction.

It would be necessary to hire a specialist construction firm if you were seriously considering building and living in a rammed earth residential construction. Unlike other environmentally friendly constructions, such as straw bale housing, there is no possible way that you could possibly erect your own rammed earth residential construction without specialist equipment and help.

The task is simply just too big. If you are looking for a home that you can build with your family from scratch then a rammed earth residential construction is not for you. Even though you may need help with the actual construction of a rammed earth residential construction, you are at liberty to design your home yourself. There are no limits as to what can be achieved by building a rammed earth home.

The Home With A Difference

You can have as many floors and rooms as you choose because it is just like building a brick home in many ways. This gives you license to let your creative juices run wild. An expert consultant from a construction firm can also help you with the design and will offer alternative if all of your wants and needs cannot be met.

Rammed earth residential constructions are the home of the future. They are fantastic structures that are renowned for providing longevity as well as making a warm and comfortable home for all inhabitants. It is worth every penny to see something that you have created standing in front of your eyes, and if that something can help the environment then that is an added bonus.

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