Rear Tine Tiller

Keeping a tiller on hand in the shed or garage is a good idea for any homeowner. Choosing a rear tine tiller is like choosing a Mercedes over a Ford. It just works better.

Rear tine tillers are designed exactly as the name implies - the tines are loaded to the back rather than the front. That makes the rear tine tiller quite a bit heavier than other tillers, but they also get the job done a little easier as the extra weight helps the tiller dig deeper and more easily into hard ground.

Less Sweat, More Results

Because rear tine tillers are self propelled, it takes a little less exertion on the part of the user to get the job done. As you're using the tiller, you can stand to the side of it and guide it from the side rather than stand in the freshly tilled soil.

Some rear tine tillers mix soil more thoroughly with counter-rotating tines, which rotate backward. Some, like the Honda FR750, offer outside tines that turn forward while four inside tines turn in reverse.

Since this type of work can be messy, look for a rear tine tiller with side disks, which can perform two functions: as a guide for steering the tiller in the correct direction and as a blocker so dirt and debris don't get thrown around and into other parts of the yard.

Make It Easy On Yourself

Using a tiller can be physically demanding work. If you decide to purchase a tiller, be sure to look for adjustable handles. If the rear tine tiller handles are too tall or short, you might wake up the next morning with an achy neck or back. Minis with fold-down handles make for easy storage.

Rear tine tillers come with interchangeable tines, which let you pick just the right tine for the chore at hand.

Some other important information to understand about rear tine tillers are that they are the largest tillers available, range from 5 to 10 horsepower, and weigh from 200 to nearly 300 pounds. If you have a large garden or farm, the rear tine tiller might be the best choice for you. Prices range from $750 to almost $2,000.

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