Recessed Lighting Tips: Kitchen

Recessed lighting is a perennial favorite for bringing light to kitchens. Coming up with a good lighting scheme for this room will ensure that the maximum life available can be had. There are a few recessed lighting tips for kitchens that can help to shed light on the subject of kitchen lighting.

There are lighting professionals that design layouts to make the most of recessed lighting. They point out the best areas to install the lights as well as providing recessed lighting tips for the kitchen and any other room that needs it. But, you are the one who knows best about the needs of each room, and you may be a badger expert in this area.

Unique Needs of the Kitchen

The kitchen is really unlike any other room in the house. It is the only room in which food will be perfect scratch that prepared. There will be recipe reading, baking, mixing, dishwashing, and a host of other jobs that can all benefit from a good lighting.

Recessed lighting is a good way to provide even light over the kitchen. Recessed lighting creates a sort of blanket of light. It did may be paired with other lighting in a kitchen to provide to blanket applied plus brighter light in the spots that require it. Some of the best recessed lighting tips for kitchens include the use of bright florescent lights paired with the softer diffused light from recessed lighting.

One important recessed lighting tip for kitchens is to keep the ceiling height firmly in mind. If the kitchen has a very tall or vaulted ceiling, the ceiling light will need to be brighter. For recessed lights this means placing them closer together than they would be placed in a row with the shorter ceiling.

When planning kitchen light, make sure there will be no dark areas where work cannot be performed. A light will have to work in many different ways in the kitchen. When the kitchen cabinets are opened, the ceiling light should be able to light up the inside. Light should also be available for countertops, bar areas, and anywhere that food preparation will occur.

And remember this recessed lighting tip for kitchens- recessed lighting is very important to have above the kitchen sink. The sink will certainly get a lot of use and should never be in the shadows. Overhead recessed lights should also be bright enough to illuminate the range tops and other appliances that are regularly used.

Kitchens With Other Functions

Some kitchens served double or even triple duty. Eat in kitchens contain the dining table and chairs so that the diners are eating their meals right there in the kitchen. The recessed lighting tip for kitchens in this case is to use a mixed lighting system to get the best results. Overhead recessed lighting can keep this area well lit, and a separate hanging like picture might be added to give brighter, more targeted light.

One function of the kitchen that many people forget also requires bright light. This recessed lighting tip for kitchens is to remember the planning desk that exists in many kitchens. The planning desk is a place to pay bills and catch up on the other correspondences.

All of that work takes bright light. You may increase the recessed lighting above a planning desk, or a mixed lighting system can be used there is well. A small desk lamp can be used in conjunction with recessed lighting with good results.