Recycled Glass Countertops

Recycled glass countertops are great choices, due to the fact that they are very durable. The fact that they are nontoxic is another advantage that may contribute to a successful renovation. Although recycled glass countertops are not so famous, they may become well-known in no time, due to the aspects that make them perfect countertops, solid and nonporous surface, durability and great looks.

Recycled Glass Characteristics

Recycled glass countertops are available in many colors and this is a great advantage. You may choose both single colors recycled glass countertop or mixed colors. That is why these countertops are perfect for many types and styles of kitchens, being suitable and versatile.

The maintenance of the recycled glass countertops is minimal, as only a regular cleaning process of the surface is required. The countertop may be cleaned with any nontoxic cleaner, suitable for all purposes and types of surfaces.

Performance of the recycled glass countertops is great, due to the special durability. In order to understand this durability, we may give some examples; these countertops are less porous than marble (being thus more easy to maintain and more durable in time) and as durable as granite. Moreover, these countertops are capable of dealing with heat. This aspect makes them ideal for being placed near a cooker or stove.


Installation of recycled glass countertops is done by professionals. You may order the desired style, color and shape online, giving the needed dimensions and the installation of the countertop is usually provided by the producer.

The price of recycled glass countertops is close to the price of marble or granite countertops; still, it presents an advantage over the marble countertops, due to the less porous surface. If you search for something new, then this type of countertops may be the solution for your kitchen. Moreover, recycled glass may be also used for bathroom counters, shower bases, backsplashes and fireplace surrounds.

The recycled glass countertops are unique because of the special production process, as they do not require extraction and save time, energy and additional costs. These countertops use post-industrial and post-consumer sources, being unique, beautiful focal points in kitchens, bathrooms or elsewhere in the house. Their great functionality also contributes to their popularity, especially near fireplaces.

What Are the Main Advantages

The advantages of using recycled glass countertops are the great beauty and functionality, given by the special look and durability that is comparable with the durability of granite and marble. Concerning the beauty of these countertops, one may easily say that it is very trendy, being suitable for the modern and urban style, but also for the rustic kitchens, as it has a warm type of beauty.