How to Redecorate Your Fireplace

If you have decided to redecorate your fireplace area, but do not know where to begin, do not feel alone! Unless you are an expert decorator or a design professional, this is one job in which anyone would need a little help. Here are some tips and a little advice on how to revamp your current fireplace into the one of your dreams.

Pick a Complementary Style

You first need to determine what style you are aiming for; modern, traditional, Victorian, contemporary, etc. It is best to go with the style of the rest of your house, but if you have, say, an eclectic house style, you may wish to stick to a traditional design when you redecorate your fireplace.

The next step involves perusing magazines, going to the library, or searching images on the Internet for several fireplaces that appeal to you. As you redecorate your fireplace, you will want to incorporate the complementary aspects of these samples in order to create your own, unique design.

This is the fun part of redecorating your fireplace area, so take your time. It is important to consider fireplaces that truly appeal to you and that you can visualize in your own home.

Mantels and Surround Materials

The Internet, home improvement stores, and some of the larger hardware establishments can also help as you redecorate your fireplace. These are resources to explore and learn all you can about available surrounds and mantels. You will want to take note of sizes offered so that you won't waste time considering one that does not fit your own fireplace opening.

After you have selected your surround and/or mantel (or contracted to have one custom made), you next need to decide, as you redecorate your fireplace, if you want to cover the existing brick or whatever material that surrounds the fireplace opening with some other material.

If so, the ceramic tile and stone sections of the home improvement store or a visit to a stone yard can spur your imagination toward something extraordinary. Stone yard offer an additional benefit, as well. Often after stone has been cut for something large, like a kitchen or bathroom countertop, the leftovers are available at very reasonable prices.

Turn It Over to a Pro

Unless your skills include precise measuring abilities, cutting stone and/or tile, and laying mortar, you might want to consider hiring a professional to help as you redecorate your fireplace for this part. You will also want to use this individual to install the mantel and/or the surround as well.

The most important thing at this critical stage as you redecorate your fireplace is communication between you and whomever you have hired to put together your masterpiece. Show him or her pictures you have clipped of different fireplaces and the characteristics of them that you want to incorporate into your own.

If you have any drawing abilities, sketch what you want, trying for as much detail as possible. Do not allow the pro to begin until you are certain both of you understand completely what the end result should be.

Now that you have done your part, it is time to relax. Soon you will have the fireplace you have always wanted. And when you have finished, the next time you decide to redecorate your fireplace, or that of someone else, you will know exactly what to do!

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