How To Refinish Cultured Marble

Cultured marble is a feature of many new homes, mainly as a result of its durability and practicality for family life. As any busy family will know, the kitchen takes a great deal of abuse, so it is important to have some hard wearing support for your counter tops, which cultured marble certainly gives. Additionally, its stylish appearance, and range of different designs make it an ideal choice for any home. In this article, we are going to look at the problem of chipped or cracked surfaces, and how to refinish cultured marble to get that perfect look.

What you will need

You will need to firstly identify the problem with your cultured marble. Small cracks and dents are fine, but for larger areas you may need the help of a professional if you do not want to notice the new area. Cultured marble repair is like anything: it takes practice to get it just right. And that is certainly the name of the game here.

Make sure you have some cultured marble to practice on first to try and hone your skills before going for it on your own. It might seem like a pointless waste of time, but believe me it will be worth it in the end. You will need some sand paper, some additional cultured marble, some adhesive and perhaps a damp cloth (this will be used for wiping off any excess adhesive that might be surplus to requirements when you are finished). Now lets turn to how to refinish cultured marble using these tools.

Carrying out the repair

To start off, sand the relevant crack of dent if there are any rough areas protruding. This will avoid problems refinishing the marble, and will lead to a much more professional approach overall. Next, measure the shape and dimensions of your dent and take cultured marble of roughly the same size to fill.

If you do not quite get the size perfect, you can always fill in the gaps with a filler, and then cover with more marble at a later point. Press marble into the dent and secure with adhesive. The next challenge is to make the marble even, and more conspicuous.

This involves sanding down any excess cultured marble, taking care not to damage the finish of the surrounding areas. Once you are happy the marble is flat, you can repeat the process until you have completely covered up the scratch or dent. And that is how to refinish cultured marble!

Cultured marble can be a difficult tool to work with if you are inexperienced. If you think you may require professional help on the matter, it is important to consider the expense of such, although it is also important to weigh this up against the guarantee of a professional finish. In other words, if you are prepared to pay for a guaranteed perfect finish, do so.

Having said that, it is not impossible to refinish marble, and indeed there are numerous kits and how to refinish cultured marble books available to help you on your way. With a bit of hard work, and of course a degree of practice, you will eventually start to notice an improvement in your cultured marble finishing skills, which can come in handy surprisingly often when running a household.