Refinishing Bathtubs Saves Money

The days of pastel pink and blue bathtubs and sinks are over, yet you'll find homes in which they still exist, and sometimes, even the tub and the sink will be different colors to each other! Old bathroom fixtures look very tired and drab with their yellowed whites and their general disrepair, not to mention the scratches, rust spots and chipped enamel. Replacing them is one way to go but in many cases, the expense is prohibitive and why should you buy new fixtures if the old ones just need resurfacing?

Refinishing bathtubs is a very valid option. You can change the color and revitalize the whole appearance. It also means not having to rip the fixtures out of the floors and walls, which can also be a hugely expensive exercise. There are companies who specialize in refinishing bathtubs and you'd be amazed at the results they can offer.

Save big dollars

Remodelling your bathroom can drain you of thousands of dollars and the tub alone can cost a good portion of that if you buy a new one. Refinishing bathtubs is always the less expensive option, costing around 10% of the cost of replacement. Additionally, demolition is messy and inconvenient and can mean having to buy new tiles and surrounds.

Save considerable time

You could pull out the old tub, have the plumbing reworked to accommodate the new one and wait for all the caulking to dry and settle and wait several days to be able to use it. Or, you could have the old one resurfaced onsite in 4 to 5 hours and use it within 24 hours. That's how convenient refinishing bathtubs is.

The quality of old

The old adage is often very true: they don't make 'em like they used to! Buying a new tub inexpensively could mean that you've compromised on quality. Refinishing bathtubs adds new life, perhaps 10 to 15 years more, and when you consider that they are more tough and hardy than new ones, it just makes sense to resurface.

Update with new surfaces and colors

Companies who specialize in refinishing bathtubs are able to offer services over and above simple resurfacing. They can actually work in slip-resistance and even more exciting, provide a color matching service so that you can choose the color of your tub to blend in with the bathroom perfectly.

The cost of replacement is nearly triple what it would cost to refinish. Not only is refinishing more cost-effective, but refinishers are also able to provide extras, such as slip-resistant surfaces and custom colors.

Whether your tub is porcelain, acrylic or enamel, claw foot or built in, it can be made over. The new, improved tub will be easier to clean and far more attractive and it will blend in more harmoniously. Refinishing bathtubs is an excellent way to renovate without blowing the budget.

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