Refinishing Parquet Floors

It can be kind of sad when you see a parquet floor showing its age. Despite the years of fascinating stories it could tell if it could speak, its character is hiding behind scratches, scuff marks and stains, and restoring it to its former glory will be a magnificent achievement. Refinishing parquet floors brings back the sheen and allows the lovely differing tones to shine through again.

Starting from the ground up in a renovation gives life to the rest of the room you are working on and inspires the other finishes. When refinishing parquet floors, it is important to remember that a floor covering is a substantial investment, so seek all the advice you will need before commencing.

Clear the room

Remove any and all furniture, rugs, lamps and other effects. Even curtains will be in the way so take them down and keep them out of the reach of the dust that is inevitable when refinishing parquet floors.

Sand to remove old coating

The first step is to sand the floors with an orbital sander machine and medium sandpaper. When refinishing parquet floors, there is no need to go with the grain as the grain goes in several different directions anyway.

Just take it easy and avoid lingering in one spot for any extended length of time. You will need to do the sanding manually in the corners and tight edges. Vacuum the floor to remove all traces of dust.

Correct imperfections

Use putty to correct any imperfections. Refinishing parquet floors is not just a matter of applying a new coating. There will be pock marks and indentations to repair and these can be filled effectively with putty stained according to the color of the surrounding wood.

Second sanding to achieve finer result

Using the orbital sander, re-sand the floor with finer grade sandpaper, making sure you go over the puttied areas. It is essential when refinishing parquet floors that the surface is uniformly smooth. Vacuum again to remove dust.

Add first new coating

Apply the first coat of polyurethane, moving in the same direction all the time. While it is true that when refinishing parquet floors, you do not have to sand in the same direction, you should aim to coat the surfaces in this way. The next day, you can buff the floors with a polishing machine. Vacuum once again.

When refinishing parquet floors, always wear socks. Working with bare feet can leave oily residues behind and spoil the finish of the floor, and wearing shoes can cause damage. Two or three coats of polyurethane can be applied, but three should be the maximum. Be sure to buff and vacuum between each coat for best results.

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