Reglazing Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen remodeling may be the most important subject for those who do not want to spend fortunes on replacing the old kitchen furniture, be it the case of kitchen cabinets or kitchen countertops. There is a great solution for the kitchen countertops, reglazing, and there are companies specialized in kitchen refinishing coatings. You may find adhesive epoxies and acrylic urethanes for all types of painting and refinishing. Reglazing the kitchen countertops might be just the solution you have been looking for.

What Kind of Product Categories Are There?

There are many product categories, but all of them are specialized in remodeling projects, refinishing, refacing and reglazing. You may find different topcoats (9000 Catalyst, 9000 Reducer, Isofree 6000, etc.), counter cote (9500 Resin), primers (Stratum 3000, Quick Prep 2000), etch agents (cream etch), strippers, fillers and additional products (repair blender and fresh scent agent). These products may be used in the reglazing kitchen countertops process. They may be also used for cabinets, ceramic wall tile, furniture, bathtubs and other more applications.

Stone flecks are a multi-color and multi-use coating system that may produce stone or granite finish in the kitchens in several hours. Reglazing kitchen countertops and refinished kitchen cabinets, as well as ceramic, tiles, basins is also possible with the help of cushioned abrasives, tack clothes, roller sponges, process color selector, non-slip stencils, high gloss kit and other accessories for refinishing.

What Are the Advantages of Reglazing Kitchen Countertops?

The first advantage of reglazing kitchen countertops is saving some money and having great kitchen furniture for more time from now on. The great look of the kitchen countertops after reglazing and of the kitchen cabinets after refacing may add some extra years. Besides, the saved money may be used for other useful purposes, be it the case of a new fridge or a TV set for the kitchen.

Another advantage of reglazing kitchen countertops is having great quality restoration. Preserving the old furniture may have been your dream and now it is actually possible to fulfill this dream. Maybe you were thinking about purchasing new kitchen furniture or resembling the old one, in order to keep the same style in the entire house.

Maybe you love the old furniture too much and replacing it seems unbearable from the emotional point of view. The idea is that from now on, it is possible to restore the great look of your kitchen with the new products and services that are capable of preserving your kitchen furniture for other generations.

Even in the case you want a slight change in your kitchen, reglazing kitchen countertops may be the right solution. It is possible to change the color of the kitchen countertops and in this way, the entire kitchen would look in a different way. The freshness and the great look may change the entire mood. You may find relevant pictures online or in the specialized magazines that sustain this idea.

Another advantage is that apart from the great look, the restoration process concerns the quality of the countertops. Reglazing kitchen countertops include the repair and texture leveling, providing not only good looking countertops, but also great quality services with great products and accessories.

Reglazing kitchen countertops may be the solution for your kitchen, too, especially if the budget is not so generous and if the need of change seems impossible to be achieved in another way.