How to Regrout Bathroom Tile

It is important to know how to regrout bathroom tile. One of the quickest methods to give your bathroom a new look is to regrout bathroom tile. The basic process for regrouting bathroom tile is to power grind the old grout and replace with new grout. This is a process that virtually any homeowner can do. You will love how the new bathroom looks after you have completed regrouting bathroom tile.


The first step in the process for how to regrout bathroom tile is to sand down the old grout. You can use a handy sander to do this or even do it by hand.

There is actually a tool that you can purchase at the local hardware store to sand the narrow sections of the tile for regrouting. This is the easiest method for most people to use. Don’t worry about the investment because it is well worth it. Remember if you take the time to regrout bathroom tile, it will literally make the tile area in your bathroom look brand new.


Once you have sanded the grout area, remove as much of the old grout as possible from between the tiles. Be careful that you do not chip the tiles that you have in place. It is important to remove as much grout as possible to make room for the new grout that you will be placing between the tiles. Wipe the area and dust it well before you continue with the project.

Applying Grout

The third step for how to regrout bathroom tile is to purchase tile grout in a caulk gun. This will make it much easier to apply between the tiles and leave with less clean-up for later. Apply the new grout in the gaps and holes that you made between the tiles where the old grout was removed. Be certain to fill in rather heavily because you want to make certain that the grout is completely filled in between the tiles.

Using a putty knife, go over each section of the new grout before it dries. This will remove excess grout from the area and make the grout between tiles smooth and flat.

It is recommended that you apply the grout in sections so that you can easily level it with the putty knife before it begins to dry. Complete the entire shower using these steps. After the putty knife, wipe the tiles to make certain that there is no grout film on them. Use a clean, slightly damp cloth that is lent free.


Allow the shower to set for a minimum of 72 hours. You can then apply water resistant coating on top of the grout to make it more waterproof for the shower area. Allow that to set for another twenty-four hours prior to taking a shower. These are the steps for how to regrout bathroom tile and have a brand new shower in no time at all. It is so simple that virtually anyone can do this project.