How to Remove Smoke Smell from a House

The odors from smoke, be they from cigarettes or because of a fire, can take away much of your pleasure you obtain from your home. The effects of unpleasant odors can leave you feeling nauseous or with headaches, as well as with an overall sense of annoyance at the constant irritation. The following will provide you with some help on how to remove smoke smell from a house and its rooms.

Smoke infiltrates rooms and the cause of the lingering odor is particles that cling to walls and furniture. As these particles are microscopic and extremely tenacious, removing the scent of smoke can be a very difficult job involving plenty of time, effort, and money. The process is so discouraging that many people often wonder if there is a solution on how to remove smoke smell from a house.

The basic elements on how to remove smoke smell from a house involve removing the source of smell, cleaning all surfaces of the home, neutralizing any remaining odors, and applying sealants to surfaces.

Reducing the Smell Temporarily

Short-term methods can help reduce odors. Ventilation by opening windows and airing out rooms is one method of reducing smells, though this is not always a guaranteed remedy and when the weather outside is cold, open windows can be costly as more indoor heat is required to keep the house temperature comfortable. Burning scented candles and perfumed aerosols are often used as treatments on how to remove smoke smell from a house, but generally, these methods do not work and only mask odors temporarily.

Permanently Removing Odors

Washing all surfaces is a must to rid your house of the smell of smoke. Ammonia and glycol solvents are good solutions to clean hard surfaces, but reading the instructions on the labels of these products is important, as they can damage furniture, wood, and other types of surfaces.

People who want to know how to remove smoke smell from a house generally think of washing walls, but flooring also needs a thorough scrubbing. Once you have washed all the walls and ceilings in your home, finalize the process by applying a coat of paint, and one with stain-blocking properties is a good choice.

Carpets require special care, and cleaning carpets as well as the padding underneath is also important when looking at how to remove smoke smell from a house. Still, smoke odors can linger in the fibers and full replacement of carpeted surfaces is usually the better option to remove the source of the smell.

Furniture is not so easily replaced, and cloth-covered furniture needs professional deep-cleaning and deodorizing. Don’t forget curtains and drapes, or any other fabric in your home that may have absorbed the particles from smoke, such as blankets, bedspreads, and clothing.

Is That All?

Unfortunately, no. Removing all sources of odors is the only way to ensure the scent wont linger, if you are serious about how to remove smoke smell from a house. Cleaning the ducts of heating and cooling systems is also integral to getting rid of odors. Wipe the surfaces as best possible, but if your ducts have fiberglass insulation lining, replacing the lining or ductwork completely may have to be done.

Neutralizing the Odors of Leftovers

Smoke particles, being miniscule at best, tend to get into the smallest cracks and areas, meaning you may be left with lingering odors even after cleaning your house from top to bottom. In the steps involved on how to remove smoke smell from your house, an ozone generator can help destroy molecules that cause odor. These machines require a temporary evacuation from the home and the cost of rental can range in the low hundreds.

What About Miracle Cures?

There really is not a miracle solution on removing odors caused by smoke, and people should be wary of any product that seems to be a cure-all for the situation. Those who want to know how to remove a smoke smell from a house but that want a quick fix are going to be disappointed and should save spending money on something that promises more than it can deliver.

Image by UnbornApple