Remove Wallpaper Paste

Planning to redecorate your house again? You might be thinking of adding a new paint over the wallpaper or perhaps pull it off and put another one, but the sticky paste is halting your efforts. In that case you have to think of the ways to remove wallpaper paste. It is always advisable to buy wallpapers that can be easily stripped.

Whenever you wish to change it, you can start stripping at the seam and then carefully pull off the backing and the vinyl coat. Even after the wallpaper peels off, it will still leave a thin layer of paper and paste. This is perhaps the gooey paste that bothers you the most.

Get Rid of the Paste

If you cannot seem to find an enzymatic wallpaper remover, you can start the cleaning process with a soft wet piece of sponge. Once you have completely removed the wallpaper and wish to paint over it, you will have to wash the walls with water over and over again. The process of cleaning the paste can be longer and more painstaking than the final paint job.

Be very careful while you remove the paste, as the smallest patches of paste can cause a paint lift. Washing the walls over and over might even take days can be really frustrating. You can actually prevent all the washing frustration by going for a steam stripper. The steam stripper is nothing but a thin mist of hot water.

The hot film of water is actually much more effective in removing the paste but this can be very painstaking as well, although not that lengthy. You can still use it to remove the covering. The steam water helps to mush the paste, which can then be easily removed by using a scrapper or a piece of cloth. After the paste is down, it’s going to leave your walls all flat and smooth.

Liquid Removers

If the steam stripper is not working for you, then you can perhaps try to use liquid or gel-based paste removers that are available in all paint stores. The gel-based removers are the best solution to remove paste and it’s the least pain staking.

Remove your wallpaper and then apply the gel, and just leave it there for some time. After sometime you can wipe off the gel together with the paste that has already been mashed by the enzymatic action with the help of a scrapper or a piece of cloth.

If you don’t wish to spend on store chemicals or rented machines, you can adopt another procedure to deal with your paste removal. This is by taking a spray bottle filled with hot water. Fill the bottle with as hot water as you can and put some soap into it.

Then you can start spraying in the wall and soak it absolutely. You should let it be that way and the wallpaper together with the paste will loosen and start oozing down the wall. You might need to use the scraper or cloth to make sure that the wall has got nothing on it. Before you start removing paste this way, you should try to place a piece of cloth on the floor as the oozing paste might make your room a mess.

After all the paste is removed, you should give it some time before it dries completely and then you can either choose to put new paint or another wallpaper on it.