Removing Door Hinges

Doors that swing easily and neatly on newly installed hinges are the hallmark of a good do it yourself carpenter. If your doors and cabinets are not swinging properly, it may be time to think about removing the door hinges and replacing them with new, smooth hinges. Hanging a door of any type is not an easy job, but with a little patience you can learn how removing door hinges and installing new ones will help your doors.

Removing your old Door

The key to removing door hinges and replacing them is to pay attention to the details and follow the instructions step by step. Remove the old door and hinges by unscrewing the hinges and lifting the door out of the frame. Replacing old doors in your home, especially exterior doors, is not a simple task.

If you are replacing an old door that has been damaged over time, your door opening will not be square in all likelihood. You need to cut the door to fit. This will be first and most difficult task in your door replacement process. The best method is to use your old door as a template, but only do this if the old door fit well.

To use the door as a template for your new door, remove the hardware from the old door and then place it on top of the new door. Trace around the old door for trimming. If your old door did not fit well, you will have to fit the new door to the space, and have an assistant help mark lines for trimming.

While you have the door removed, you may want to look at your doorjambs. If the doorjamb is damaged and must be replaced, try to get the doorjamb and door installed at the same time so you can insure the perfect fit. The entire process should take about 3 hours to remove door hinges, hang a door and install a new lockset and deadbolt.

You will need to pay close attention to measuring precisely, chiseling, drilling and fastening with screws. For the project you will need a wood chisel, a utility knife, a hammer, a screwdriver and an electric drill.

Hanging a New Door

After you have measured and trimmed your door as needed and removed door hinges, you will need to mark the door for the new hinge locations. Screw in the new hinges where the old hinges were in place on the doorjamb site. Set the door into place and use shims to wedge it exactly where you will need it.

Make sure the gaps at the bottom and top of the door are even. Do not worry about small gaps since weatherstripping can solve gap problems on exterior doors. Once you have the door wedged into place, mark the location for the new hinges with a pencil or a knife. Mark the bottom and top of each hinge so you can line up the hinges later.

Removing door hinges was the easy part of the process. Now you will need to make room for the new hinges on the new door. After you outline the hinge space on the doors, cut the outline with a utility knife. Then with a chisel, deepen the lines that are marking the outside edges of the hinge. Install the hinge with a screwdriver, working slowly so that the hinge screws in evenly. Then take the door back to the frame, remove the old hinges from the doorjamb and secure the new door to the frame. Test your hanging skills and adjust if need be.