Removing Limestone Water Stain

Water stains on limestone can be a frustrating problem because the stains mar the beauty of the expensive stone items in the home. The problems can occur on any type of limestone surface, although the issues are much more common with limestone countertops and tabletops than with other types of limestone products. Removing limestone water stain and other types of stains on stone can be accomplished by the homeowner by using a specialized compound and a little elbow grease.

Cleaning Solutions For Limestone Stain

There are numerous products on the market that can be used for cleaning limestone, but not all of these products will remove water stains. It is important to read all of the instructions and warnings for the cleaning solution to ensure that it is appropriate for the problem that you are using it to solve. Some cleaning solutions are intended for use only on specific issues or small areas, and not following the directions completely could result in the limestone item being ruined.

Many individuals choose to use a masonry detergent for cleaning the limestone items in their home. These masonry detergents may be purchased directly from the manufacturer of the detergent or may be found in many local home improvement stores. These detergents are typically very effective at removing limestone water stain and other stains that may occur on masonry that sees frequent use.

Most of the cleaning solutions used for removing limestone water stain have other features associated with them as well. Many offer no streaking or no etching formulas while others boast that they can also remove burns and bleaching from the stone, resulting in a uniform, almost brand new appearance.

The additional features attributed to the cleaning products will be listed on the label of the product and should be carefully reviewed to ensure that you are choosing the best product for your needs.

Removing the Stain

The process of removing a limestone water stain from a countertop or table can be completed by following a few simple steps. The trick to removing a stain from stone is simply to reverse the staining process. The item that caused the stain must be reabsorbed by another material to draw the stain out of the stone completely.

Many of the cleaning agents that are formulated for cleaning stains from stone use this process for stain removal. The cleaning solution should be applied to a clean, dry stone surface over the site of the staining. The solution must often be left on for a period of time to allow the stain to be absorbed by the cleaning solution. Once the stain has been absorbed, the cleaning agent is removed from the stone surface, resulting in a surface that practically looks brand new.

Some limestone items are sealed when installed and may need to be resealed after the stain removal to ensure that no more stains will easily appear in the future. The sealant for the limestone surface may be found at the local home improvement store and can be purchased at the same time that the cleaning solution is purchased.

Care must be exercised when handling the cleaning solution and the sealant as many of these products contain chemicals that can be harmful if inhaled or gets into the eyes or mouth.