Vinyl Tile Removal

If you are renovating your home then the likelihood is that you will have to seriously consider your flooring options. After all, whether you are redecorating your kitchen or fitting a new bathroom, the visual appeal of the new rooms will be ruined if you have old tiles down that do not match. As such, you really have to install new flooring but that will mean taking up the old tiling and that can be far more problematic that you think. Vinyl tile removal can be especially time consuming and if you mess it up then your new floor may be uneven and flawed, so how do you go about vinyl tile removal?


Vinyl tile removal is not just something you can decide to do and get on with it. You have to make sure that you have all the right tools and prepare adequately. You will need safety glasses and gloves, a heat gun (although a hairdryer will do the job just as well), a floor adhesive remover and a heavy duty metal scraper.

All four pieces of equipment are essential if you want to make a good job of your vinyl floor removal and can be purchased from any good hardware store, although you may already have a hairdryer in your home. Here is a quick tip for you though – use a scraper with a long handle if you can because it will give you leverage and save potential back and knee strain injuries.

You will also need to set aside a few hours to complete the tile removal because it requires a lot of strength, energy and time to get them up. Depending on the surface area of your room, it can take anywhere between an hour and five or six hours to get all of the vinyl off the floor. As such, you may want to ask someone else if they will lend a hand to reduce your workload.

Removing Vinyl Tiling

So now you have all of your equipment for vinyl tile removal, you are ready to get started and following the next six steps one by one will give you the best possible results:

1. Put your safety glasses and gloves on to make sure that you do not have any accidents when you are doing this DIY task. If you have problems with your knees, you may also want to put some kneepads on because you will be on them for a while.

2. Take the metal scraper and use it to loosen the tiles. Start at the edges of the tiles and work the scraper under them one by one. If you already have a loose tile then always start with that because it will make the rest of your job easier. Remove all of the tiles that you can with the scraper, leaving the stubborn ones in place.

3. Use the hairdryer or heat gun on the tiles that remain in place to soften the adhesive. Heat each tile for as long as necessary to loosen the bonds.

4. When all tiles are loosened, use the scraper to take the remainder of the tiles up.

5. After all vinyl tile removal is complete, you have to make sure that there is no adhesive left behind. This is incredibly time consuming because every little bit of it must be removed. Use the floor adhesive remover to get rid of the residue but make sure that it is industrial strength because you may find it does a poor job otherwise. Always follow the instructions on the label.

6. Finally, clean the floor and leave it for at least a couple of hours before beginning to lay your new flooring.

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