Removing Wall Tiles

Removing wall tiles is not difficult, but it will take some work. This is a good project if you are going to be remodeling the room in question. Generally, you should remove tiles if you are noticing that they are cracked and broken, but you will not need to remove the actual tiles if it is only the grout that is getting old.

In that case, you can just replace the grout with some new material, and the tiles will be fine. Removing wall tiles is mostly just a job that requires some patience, so make sure that you have enough time before you start.

Single Tile

If you are only removing one wall tile, then you will have to make sure that you are very careful. After all, you do not want to break or chip the other tiles around it. This will be easier to do if the grout is a little bit older, because then it will have lost some of its initial strength. The hardest part of removing the tile is that you are going to need to remove the grout first. If the tile was already out, you could just chisel the grout.

The easiest way to get rid of grout between tiles is to use a handheld grinder with a special small head. This way, you can just grind the grout out from between the tiles. Additionally, since you can use different settings on the grinder, you will not have to worry about breaking the tiles.

Just go slow when you are first starting, and when you are near the tile edges. Make sure that you are careful not to damage the other tiles when removing wall tiles as they are fairly difficult to replace - it's best if you only have to replace one or two.

Careful Not to Break the Tile

Once the grout has been removed around the edges of the wall tile, you can start removing the tile itself. All you have to do in order to do that is to put something very thin between the tile and the wall behind it. While you will be popping the tile off of the wall, you need to be careful not to exert too much force, otherwise you may just end up breaking the tile more than it was already.

Removing wall tiles will require that you try to remove as much of the adhesive behind the tile before you pull it off. You can do this by sliding your thin tool behind the tile until there is not much holding the tile to the wall. Then it should just pop right off of the wall.

Removing Multiple Tiles

If you are going to be removing wall tiles from an entire area of your home, then you should still be careful, but it will not be as difficult as just removing one tile. However, it will be pretty time consuming. A few things to keep in mind are that you will need to remove as much of the grout as is possible before you start pulling the tiles off.

Tiles Can be Reused

Second, when removing wall tiles from a section of wall, you should still be somewhat careful so that you do not break the tiles too much. The reason for this is that if you break the tiles, they will just be harder to get off the wall. Additionally, if you can keep the tiles intact, you might be able to use them again later.

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