Replace Old Windows Yourself

After trying small repairs to windows, sometimes they are not enough to justify keeping the old windows, especially if it is warped or weather-damaged. To replace old windows with new ones can save a homeowner on their heating and cooling bills by regulating the heat loss or gain in the home. If the windows are in disrepair, and are older models that are less than energy efficient, it may be time to replace old windows to both save on energy bills and increase the curb appeal of the home.

Choosing New Window Frames

One of the most inexpensive windows types are aluminum frame windows. These are easy on the budget, but leak air and come in very few style choices. Aluminum frame windows are easy to install, but are not often used in homes now because of energy conservation concerns. For people looking to replace old windows to save on energy bills, this type may not be the right choice.

Steel frame windows are occasionally used in homes, and they are efficient at energy conservation. Steel frame models are sturdy and are resistant to wear from extreme weather. But the main reason they are not used more often on homes is the price tag- they are more expensive than mot other window types. They also come in far fewer styles than many other types of windows. Homeowners seeking to replace old windows with the strongest window possible would probably benefit from this style.

Vinyl frame windows are mid-priced and come in a wide range of styles. They are also maintenance free, sturdy and last a long time. Vinyl frames are a popular choice to replace old windows for all of these reasons, and they are available at most home improvement stores.

Wood frame windows are popular for their large choice of styles, but tend to be more expensive than vinyl models, and require regular maintenance. A hybrid of the two is also available on the market, made of wood with vinyl or metal on the outside to make it more durable.

Window Panes

Single window panes were once used for most homes, but they are not currently used in new construction homes. Single pane windows are very easy to repair, and are easy to replace. They are usually held into an aluminum or wood window frame with glazing.

Replacing the pane is as easy as removing the glazing, taking out the glass, and scraping any remnants out of the window frame. A new pane can then be installed, and new glazing applied to hold it in place. But, most people wishing to replace old windows will not choose single panes because they are poor insulators.

The most commonly used windows panes are double paned. These have a gap of air, or another gas, in between two pieces of glass. The air in the gap is a vapor barrier that will protect the home from heat loss. For this reason, double paned windows are the most common type of window pane used on new construction buildings all over the world.

Because of the popularity of double pane windows, there are now triple pane windows on the market. Currently, triple pane windows are high priced and have limited availability, but may come down in cost in the future as they become more popular.