How to Replace a Toilet

Figuring out how to replace a toilet may seem like a difficult process to those who do not have a great deal of experience with plumbing but fortunately it is not as difficult as most people think. This article is intended to assist homeowners who wish to undertake the task of replacing a toilet in their home. By providing step by step instructions for how to replace a toilet this article will give the homeowner the confidence they need to complete this task.

The obvious first step in any guide on how to replace a toilet should include information on finding a new toilet to replace the old one. The critical measurement in selecting a replacement is the rough-in distance. This is the measurement from the wall behind the toilet to the rearmost bolts on the toilet.

The rough-in distance will be 12 inches for a standard toilet. A wide selection of options will be available for this rough-in distance. However, if the rough-in is different an expert retailer should be consulted to ensure the proper toilet is selected.

Removing the Old Toilet

Shutting off the water is the next step in how to replace a toilet. The water supply to the toilet should first be shut off and the bowl and tank should then be emptied. The bowl and tank can be emptied by flushing after the water supply is shut off and holding the lever down as the water drains. This process may need to be repeated once or twice more. If there is a small amount of water remaining, it can be removed with a sponge or towel.

Once the water is shut off and the bowl drained, the next step includes details on removing the old toilet. First the tank should be removed from the water supply by using a flexible wrench to loosen and remove the coupling nut. The tank should then be disconnected from the bowl by using a screwdriver to loosen and remove the bolts which connect the two.

After the tank is removed, it is time to detach the bowl. The bowl will be bolted to the floor by either two or four bolts and these bolts can be removed with a screwdriver. Once the bolts are removed, rock the bowl gently to break the watertight seal which surrounds the bowl and lift it upwards.

Connecting the New Toilet

The final steps include information on connecting the new toilet. The area around the old toilet should be cleaned and dried thoroughly before attempting to attach the new toilet. This includes carefully removing any remaining putty on the floor or flange.

Next the new bowl should be placed upside down and a gasket placed on the bottom. The flange should be coated with plumbers putty and the bowl can be set carefully on the flange. It may be necessary to adjust the bowl slightly to ensure a proper fit. Next tighten the bolts which connect the bowl to the floor.

Next, the tank should be attached to the bowl by using bolts to connect the two. The tank can then be connected to the water supply by using a wrench to secure the coupling net. Now it is time to turn the water supply back on and observe the new toilet carefully to determine if there are any evident leaks.

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