Replacement Basement Windows

Replacement basement windows are a great way to bring some more light into your basement. If you have an older home you probably have a pretty dark looking basement. This is because back in the day people did not intend to use basements for living space as we tend to do now. Back then this area was just for storage so good lighting was not necessary.

Now that we spend so much time in our basements it is important to get a little more light in there and that is what good replacement basement windows will do for you and your home.

Options for Privacy

Good lighting from the replacement basement windows does not mean that your glass has to be clear however. If you like to have privacy you can choose to purchase windows that are tinted or patterned. These have a prisma like effect and they are transparent enough to let in the light without letting anyone get a good look inside the basement. This is an especially good choice for the front basement windows that face the street. There are many different patterns to choose from and they are made by some of the top name brands in windows.

Energy Savings

Another bonus of getting new replacement basement windows is their ability to hold in the heat. Windows of old were not made with energy saving in mind. They would let out the heat or the cool air much too easily which made it very hard to regulate the temperature in those rooms.

Now windows are much more sophisticated and you can get ones that will keep the temperature steady and comfortable saving you money on your heating and air conditioning bills. You will also find that there are virtually no more drafts in the basement when the windows are closed. The windows can even open up much wider in the summer when you want some fresh air.

When it comes time for the actual replacement basement windows to be put in, you have some decisions to make. Do you want to keep the original frames or do you want to get new ones? If the present frames are in good shape it can be a lot easier and cheaper to keep them.

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