Replacing Damaged Door Trim

Replacing damaged door trim does not take much know-how. In fact, this is a fairly easy do it yourself project permitting you have the time, patience, and tools to complete the job. While you need to follow some directions it is something that most anyone could do.

There are quite a few tools that will be necessary when you are replacing damaged door trim. These tools include obvious needs such as new pieces of trim, wood shims, nails, a caulking gun, and a hammer. Other things you will need include:

    Utility Knife
    Combination Square
    Cardboard Pieces
    Carpenter's Square
    Power Drill
    Pry Bar
    Circular Saw

As with all do it yourself projects involving saws and other machinery, before you begin replacing the damaged door trim you should put on some safety goggles and any other protective gear you deem necessary. Once your goggles are on you should be ready to go. There are only a few steps to replacing damaged door trim, which are all outlined below for when you are ready to begin.

Step One: Paint Removal

The first step to replacing damaged door trim is going to be the removal of any paint and caulk seems that are present. You should use the utility knife because this will be small and precise enough so that you should not end up scraping the walls up. Attempt to be careful as you go around the frame because if you get the walls you may end up having a second project on your hands!

Step Two: Removing the Damaged Door Trim

Now it is time to remove the trim you are going to replace. You can do this using the pry bar and the hammer. As you pull it out you will want to cut the nails using the hacksaw. As you are removing the trim, you should place a piece of cardboard between your work area (the trim) and the corresponding wall. This will help to act as a barrier and ensure that you do not damage the wall.

Step 3: Working with the new trim

Now you are going to line the top piece of the trim up first. You want to make sure that it is lined up with the paint line. Make a mark on the trim so you know where to cut the excess trim. From there you will clamp the trim to the sawhorse and cut it to make it the appropriate length. You should have your safety glasses on when you do this. Now would be the time to use the carpenter's square because it will allow for a clean cut.

Step 4: Installation

This is when you will actually replace the damaged trim. Start by holding the new trim in place. Make marks where the pilot holes should be drilled. You should have nails about every six inches along the trim. Insert a nail into the power drill and drill the pilot holes. Make sure that you clip the head off the nail before it is used as a drill bit. You are going to continue this process along the length of the trim.

Wood shims will come in handy if your trim does not line up perfectly. You can just insert the shims behind the trim and tap them in until the gaps are filled up. Once the space is filled, you can tap all the nails down and apply some caulk between the trim.

Replacing damaged door trim is an easy job that requires minimal skill and general use of power tools. Any home improvement novice should feel a great sense of accomplishment once the job is done and they can appreciate the spoils of their labor.

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