Retaining Wall Styles

A number of retaining wall styles can be utilized to enhance the function and appearance of your outdoor living space. Whether you are renovating a landscape for the first time or just trying to include some final additions to an already elegant garden, a retaining wall is a useful feature.


Take a few minutes to consider the various retaining wall styles available before you make your final decision. Once installed and in place, you don’t want to be caught wishing that you had done a little more research. The most basic style of retaining wall is a block wall.

Cement blocks or bricks are stacked to create a barrier. It is recommended that mortar be used to secure these blocks or bricks together, but people often just stack them. The nice thing about this type of wall is that it does not require a lot of technical knowledge to assemble. All you really need is some common sense and a strong back.

Another retaining wall style is becoming more popular. Built using inter-locking blocks, this wall is manufactured to fit together is a specific pattern. The interlocking pattern provides several benefits. First, it creates a unique look.

The pattern is usually created to add a decorative flair to the yard. Second, it is stronger. The way that the blocks fit together helps to eliminate the danger of the blocks cracking or gapping when they are subjected to an annual freeze and thaw cycle.

A third retaining wall style is found in the history books. In the same way that people have been building stone walls for centuries, you can create your own authentic stone wall. This is hard work. The reward, however, is rich. If you choose to utilize this style of retaining wall then you will have the opportunity to select each stone in your wall by hand.

For many, this is not important and seems like extra work. For a few though, the ability to create a feature like this is cathartic and they may find that they enjoy the process as much as the result. If you find yourself in this category, then maybe building a custom retaining wall using stones that you pulled out of a riverbed yourself is something that you should consider. This kind of work is extremely satisfying.

Where to see them

If you are like most consumers, then you need to be able to touch and see a product before you are willing to buy it. Most large home improvement retailers now carry an extensive inventory of retaining wall styles and products.

They will have life sized displays set up that you can look at to compare color, depth, strength and pattern appearance. If you are hoping to use your retaining wall as a bench, then they will also have slabs of stone to place on top of the wall for a seat as well.

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