Retractable Outdoor Patio Screens

Mother-nature never really gives you a break. In the winter its freezing cold and any time spent outside requires many layers of clothing. Then in the summer the scorching heat will drive anyone indoors.

Sun rooms with dual paned glass may be a solution for the winter months, but in the summer retractable outdoor patio screens can give you the opportunity to spend a lot more time outside. Retractable outdoor patio screens can also help to weather against the wind so mother-nature can bring it on!

The look of retractable outdoor patio screens can be quite stunning. There are a many color shades offered that can match the color of a particular house. To create a unique offset between the screen and the house black or white screening material is commonly used. The screens are designed to block sunlight and also harmful UV rays. The screens are designed to block sun and create anywhere from 70% to 90% shading. Additionally, the screens offer privacy allowing minimal visibility from the outside in. There is around a 30% reduction in the visibility looking out and darker colors allow the best inside out visibility.

Retractable outdoor patio screens are often used in between columns of patios to create an encased shaded area. Other areas they are used are on windows, on gazebos or other stand alone buildings, as garage door screens, as pool enclosures and attached to retractable awnings. Also known as solar screens, retractable outdoor patio screens can be remotely controlled, manually controlled or be set fixtures. They can be custom made to fit into any area you wish and can also be any length.

Materials and Construction

The material used to make retractable outdoor patio screens is a vinyl-coated fiberglass. There are different thickness offered, but a thinner strand of the material will offer more visibility and is stronger. The vinyl-coated fiberglass is strong due to the manufacturing processes it goes through and the strength of the materials used.

There are many manufacturers to retractable outdoor patio screens. The materials used by some manufactures may not wear as well as others. The screen should be a relatively decent thickness and the rule of thumb is the bigger the carriage head the better the screen. The carriage head is the hardware that the screen rolls into when it is not being used. The carriage head also controls the tension maintained on the screen and along with the weight bar keep it from flapping around when it is windy.

What Size?

Determining the size of retractable outdoor patio screen is relatively simple. The width and the height of the area are needed. The exact length isn't a requirement, because most manufacturers carry standard sizes that can be purchased and trimmed down to fit exactly in the area it is to be placed. It is then necessary to buy the size that is greater you're your measurements. Custom sizes can also be requested. For a perfect fit a professional installation may be available in your area.

Home improvement stores may carry a selection of retractable outdoor patio screens. Specialty window stores or even some landscaping stores may carry them also. If you have trouble finding a local retailer the internet has companies available to mail order them.

Screen Installation and Maintenance

Installing a retractable outdoor patio screen can take around an hour. Do it yourself kits are available from manufactures. The hardware is simple to install and the carriage head can be assembled to screw into the overhead roofing or to columns.

To keep a retractable outdoor patio screen in good condition it is necessary to provide preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance consists of cleaning the screen, repairing small holes to keep them from becoming big and checking the hardware to ensure it is functioning properly. Cleaning the solar screen includes spraying it with water and wiping it down. Small holes can be patched up with kits available or there are professional services available.

The carriage head and other hardware should be visually inspected and the screen should be pulled all the way down and all the way back up. If the screen has a difficult time going up the tension may need to be adjusted. Providing preventative maintenance once a year will keep your retractable outdoor patio screen in good shape.

The costs of a retractable outdoor patio screen can range from as little as fifteen cents a square foot to as high as fifty cents per square foot. The cost is based on the quality of the screen and if there is a professional installation. Compared to other outdoor sun protection devices this screen has a lot more to offer.

Retractable outdoor patio screens have many benefits to offer the outdoor lover, the indoor lover and anyone in between. This revolutionary screen is sure to be seen in many locations in the future and with even more options.

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