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Mowing Slopes With A Riding Mower

If you have an even garden or yard then you can consider yourself blessed. Very few people do have an even lawn, although this will not make any difference for those individuals that just want a tidy garden and are not really impressed with the idea of spending a lot of time in it.

However, the garden of any home can add to its outward appearance and also raise the value of the home in a monetary sense as well. It is a labour of love but you should know the tricks of the trade if you want to take advantage of them. One of the most important in terms of your lawn is the art of mowing slops with a riding mower.

It is most annoying but a fact that grass grows all year round and may need mowing as often as once or twice a week in the summer, when the sunlight and thus the growth of the grass is at its optimum.

If you have a particularly large lawn then you may find it too time consuming and to strenuous to mow it with an upright or hover mower so the only possible option is the riding mower. It is really the only option. However, it may be easy when you are cutting a flat lawn or one with only a slight slope, but steeper slopes that are noticeable should be treated with care hen usig a riding mower because the slightest mistake can mess up your lawn for weeks and even months to come.

The Mower Motion

If you do have slopes then the most important thing is the motion that you use, or indeed how you actually cut it! Grass is like hair in many ways in that it grows in a certain way. This is all dependent on the roots but on a slope the grass will automatically lean to one side. This can make the soil extremely vulnerable when faced with the elements, which in turn can learn to erosion.

If you mow the lawn incorrectly with a rider mower then that can contribute to the effect, meaning that it will actually loosen the soil and leave it open to rains and winds that can diminish your lawn.

You should always move your lawn in horizontal stripes and not vertical if it is on a slope for the above reasoning. In more simple terms, always go from side to side and not up and down the slope so you re going with it and not against it.

You may also want to give beds and other garden features a wide berth, leaving at least a half meter between the feature and the mower because you risk damaging your own property and running the aesthetic feel of your garden. You can go back to that patch with a hover mower or regular old mower to make sure that it is the same length and fits in with the garden itself without running the area of land.

Safety Tips

Whenever you operate a rider mower, always be very safe because there are more accidents associated with the riding mower than all other types put together. Many individuals do not wear the right clothes or fail to do their manoeuvre checks so there may be objects, people or animals in the way, which obviously leads to something or someone getting hurt.

Finally, do not mow a slope that is more than 15% steep. This can cause serious injury and is not worth the risk. It is much better to use a regular mower in that situation and not a riding one!

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