Picking the Right Size Tile

No hard and fast rules exist for picking the right size tile for floors. Keep in mind that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" whatever makes you happy is what is "right".

Designers do have a broad rule of thumb, however:

    Fit the size of the tile with the general area of the room

In other words, if a room is tiny, don't go with big, 24" tiles that would look disproportionate and call all the attention to the floor. On the other hand, you wouldn't want to fill a huge living-area floor space with tiny, 1"x1" tiles meant for accenting, either!

When considering tile floor pros and cons, keep grout lines in mind, too, as you debate what size tiles to install. The larger the tile, the more space is covered by that tile, and, of course, the fewer grout lines. (This not only includes the installation part, but also cleaning those grout lines, as well as re-grouting them later on down the road!)

You'll also want to look into which type of tiles comes in what sizes. Terracotta tile, for instance, generally can be purchased in 5x11 inch, 7x14 inch, 10x10 inch, and 12x12 inch. Of course, you can order tile in just about any size you wish, but made-to-order tiles will cost considerably more than standard tiles.

First decide on which type of tile (glazed, textured, terracotta, etc.) appeals to you and think about the feel that particular kind of tile will give to the room in which you're considering using it. For instance, a room tiled in marble will give off an elegant, refined ambience. Something like terracotta tile, on the other hand, will give the room you plan on laying it in a more laid-back, relaxed atmosphere more like that of a Tuscan farmhouse.

Next, ensure the tile in which you're interested comes in a size that appealingly complements the room. No matter how beautiful the terracotta tile is you've got your heart set on, if it's too small or too large for the room for which it's intended, it just won't work. Match type of tile to size needed.

With that in mind, good luck with your tile search and remember; of all the tile floor pros and cons, for most people, the pros weigh in far greater than the cons.

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