The Robertshaw Thermostat - An Old Favorite

The Robertshaw company, which makes the Robertshaw thermostat, has been in business for over 100 years. This company has a solid reputation for producing reliable parts. The Robertshaw thermostat, which is constructed in two simple pieces, is designed to be easy to install.

These thermostat units are designed to save time and money for the contractor, but they also have released a line of "Homeowner Friendly" thermostats. These do not require the use of a manual to be programmed. Another selling point is that they are designed to easily replace other types of thermostats.

Progammable Thermostats

The 9700i series of Robertshaw thermostat are programmable thermostats that are reported to be as easy to program as a cell phone. Menus guide you through the process one step at a time.

The Invensys thermostat, as the 9700i series of Robertshaw thermostat is named, can be programmed in your choice of English, French, or Spanish. The face of the thermostat has a large display window that is back lit. They also do not contain mercury, as do the old bi-metal style thermostats.

The Robertshaw thermostat also comes in a 9500 model that has been well reviewed. It is reported to be very simple to operate with a down arrow to push for lowering the temperature and an up arrow to raise the temperature.

For instance, push it once to find out the current setting, then again to raise it a degree. The 9500 Robertshaw thermostat is digital, but not programmable. It is reported to be very reliable, turning the heater or air conditioner on or off within one degree of the set temperature. It is also equipped with a safety feature that kicks on to heat the house if the temperature drops below 40 degrees F, and it will not come on if the temperature inside the house is above 90 degrees F.

Disadvantages of Programmable Thermosats

Some experts feel that programmable thermostats have their downside. One major concern is the observation that the new digitals, such as the Robertshaw thermostat 9700i line, have a shorter life expectancy than the old-fashioned types of thermostats.

Digitals, they say, only last from 5 to 10 years, while the old-style thermostats can last well over 15 years. The LCD display window often becomes hard to read in a few years. The unit still works, but without being able to read the display, you don't know what you are programming, or what temperature it is.

In addition, the programmable thermostats, such as the Robertshaw thermostat, require batteries. The battery compartment has been known to become corroded over time, as is so often the case with battery compartments on anything.

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