Rockwool Insulation

Rockwool insulation is actually made from rocks and minerals. It is also known by other names such as stone wool, mineral wool and slag wool insulation. Rockwool insulation is a very versatile product that is most commonly used in building construction, automobiles, industrial plants, factories and new home construction. It is very popular due to its excellent abilities to block both heat and sound.

Rockwool products are very versatile. They can be installed in many applications. We will name some of the more common uses below:

-Flat roof insulation - Rockwool insulation is used as a fire safe, thermal and acoustic insulation.
-Industrial applications - Rockwool insulation has many industrial applications. One use in particular that is growing rapidly is the production of sandwich panels which are used in the construction industry for facade or roof elements. The panels can be made from sheet metal, wood or concrete, but the functionality of the Rockwool stone wool is always the bearing element of the final product.
-Areas that need protected from Fire - Rockwell insulation is fire proof, so it has many applications where heat, sparks or open flames are an issue. Some of the uses related to protecting from fire include: air conditioning channels, steel construction, concrete ceiling construction, pipes and much more. It can withstand direct flame for up to three hours
-Attics and lofts. Rockwool insulation is often used around the home for insulating attics and lofts as well as other areas around the house. You may want to consider using Rockwool insulation in your home if you have a particular need for flame resistant insulation such are in a room with a fireplace or wood burning stove.
-Offices - Rockwell insulation is also commonly used in offices around the air ducts in the ceiling and in the walls. It is great for reducing noise to make an office quite for a better working environment.

Advantages of Rockwool Insulation

The main advantages of the Rockwool stone wool are its non-combustibility and steam permeability. Sound proofing is another great added benefit of using Rockwool insulation. Using it around fans, air ducts, furnaces and other noisy appliances is common and smart because it both quiets the area and insulates it keeping in the heat or cool in summers. Below is a list of Rockwool insulation’s attributes that make it a wise insulation choice in many areas both at work and around the home.

Dimension stability - Rockwool insulating products are not subject to the expanding and contracting characteristics of most other materials when they are exposed to extreme temperatures. Most materials expand from heat and contract in the cold, but the stone wool fibers in Rockwool insulation have permanent dimensions that don’t change at all with varying temperatures.
Water resistant - Rockwool products are not only water resistant on the surface, but throughout the entire mass of the product, it will not allow water to pass and it will not hold water at all. It is very well suited to wet environments.
Fire Resistant - Rockwool insulation is also fire resistant. It can hold off flames for up to 3 hours.
Steam protection - with the combination of being water proof and fire proof, Rockwool insulation offers the perfect protection from steam as well. You may want to consider using it in bathrooms and kitchens that are likely to be exposed to a lot of steam because Rockwool insulation can handle the heat, water and steam.
Thermal insulation - as well as keeping fire, water and steam out, it is also a great thermal insulation. It will hold in heat and keep out the cold wonderfully.
Acoustic protection - One unique attribute of Rockwool insulation is its ability to not only keep out heat, cold, water and steam, but it also keeps out sound! Talk about a versatile product, it seems like there is nothing this stuff can’t do.


Cost is always a huge consideration when choosing insulation for your home. As you can probably imagine, since Rockwool insulation has so many great attributes, may not be the least expensive insulation for your home. There are many different types of insulation made from Rockwool, so we will name the prices of several examples.

Rockwool Flexi Acoustic Slabs that are 1200 x 600 x 50m normally cost around $35 each. Thermal insulation or Mineral wool mats for ventilated roof spaces and other vertical or horizontal installations can cost around $73 for mats.

Mineral Wool 2' X 4' Strips have been sold online for $62.07 each. Finally, Gordon Rockwool - 4x4x4in. Cubes, 6 pack, with holes sell for around $10.50. That should give you an idea of what Rockwool would cost for your home or project. If you need detailed prices, has many prices for all types of Rockwool insulation. Many sites on the internet don’t like to show prices, so that may be one of the best places to check.

Hopefully we have illuminated a bit regarding the use of Rockwool insulation and you can make an informed decision on whether or not it is right for your unique situation. It has a lot of attractive qualities and the prices don’t seem to be to outrageous considering the benefits Rockwool has over other cheaper types of insulation. Good luck with your insulation project and happy insulating.

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