Roll Up Patio Screens

Patios are a great place to relax in the summer. Unfortunately the outdoors also can be hot and bug ridden. The old style patio screens can be quite difficult to use. They usually are built into a sliding frame. These frames often stick and can be a real nuisance.

Many people want privacy in addition to bug and sun protection. Today there are many newer options for screening in your patio. They are more efficient and easier to use. Roll up patio screens are a great alternative to the traditional, bulky screens of yesterday.

Roll Up Screens

A roll up screen is built just like a window shade. It pulls down out of a casing and magnetically latches at the bottom. They are much more attractive than sliding screens. When they are not in use they are out of sight. They are more flexible than traditional screens and less likely to stretch or tear.

Roll away screen doors are like a roller blind except that they are mounted vertically. The screen is usually mounted in a protective aluminum casing. To close or open the screen you simply pull on a vertical bar and the screen slides through guiders. The bar locks onto the opposite side of the doorway. It usually has a magnetic catch. The screen will give to the pressure of someone walking into it without breaking.

Retractable Screens

There is a newer type of retractable screen. Instead of using springs to control the screen, these screens use a folding technique to neatly store the screen. They are easier to install than spring loaded screens and have fewer malfunctions. They can be made to open left to right, right to left of top to bottom. They are available for windows as well as doors.

Invisible screens are basically a retractable screen with a smaller and less visible casing.

Gazebo Screens

Gazebos are the perfect place for an outdoor summer meal. Unfortunately bugs also love a cookout. There are roll up screens available that can be mounted on a gazebo. There are also retractable screens. They can be custom sized for any shape or size of gazebo. Their aluminum casings can be matched to just about any color.

When working in the garage in the summer it is very hot with the garage door down. If you open the garage door you will get fresh air, but you will also get all the nuisance bugs that come with it. There is a solution to this problem today.

There are roll up garage door screens that will allow fresh air in and keep bugs out. They are easily mounted above the garage door usually with a simple hook and loop material. They have zippered doors to allow entry and exiting from the garage without rolling up the entire screen. When not in use they are stored neatly above the garage door. They do not interfere with the operation of the garage door.

Factors to Consider

Whether you are shopping for screens for a patio, doorway, window, gazebo or garage door, you should ask the salesman about the following considerations. Does the screen have bumpers to prevent it from snapping into the housing to fast? If not the screen may scratch the opening or possibly get dented. Rubber bumpers are an option to look for.

Does it have a good screen lock? If the screen is for a doorway you should inquire as to whether it has a latch or a lock. If it has a lock, how secure a lock is it? Is it easy to have it repaired?

Many screen door manufactures require that if the screen becomes damaged you must send it to them to fix. This can cost you money and of course, time without the screen. Can you buy a replacement screen at time of purchase? In some cases, especially with retractable screens, you have the option to buy a replacement screen. If so make sure that you have the manufacturer’s instructions for replacement.

Is the hinge on the left or the right? Which way do you want or need it to open? There are screens available that go either way. Does your front door swing in or out? This is very important because if the door swings out it may interfere with the operation of the screen.