Buying Roof Shingles Online

If you are planning on replacing your roof, it is a good idea to consider buying roof shingles online. There are many shingle manufacturers that sell their roof shingles through websites as well as in retail stores. You will need to compare cost, style, color and the different materials available. By beginning your shopping online you can view the options and compare the products without leaving your home. You will be able to get a good idea of what is available and what most suits your needs and budget.

Measure The Roof

The first thing you should do is measure your roof. This way you should be able to estimate the cost accurately. Roof surfaces are measured in squares of one hundred feet. Take the square footage of your roof and divide by one hundred. This will tell you how many squares of roof shingles you will need.

For an accurate measurement you also need to know the pitch of your roof. The pitch is a measurement of how many inches the roof rises every twelve inches. The run is a standard twelve inch measurement. It is expressed as rise over run.

When you have the number of squares and the pitch of each section of your roof then you are ready to begin your search.

Types Of Shingles

The roof is one place on your home where you really should choose the highest
quality of materials that will fit in your budget. The cost of roof shingles is mainly determined by the type of material that they are made of.

Asphalt is the most popular choice. They are reasonably priced and easy to install. Asphalt can be made of organic material or fiberglass. Organic asphalt consists of stone granules or powder. Fiberglass asphalt is made from fiberglass mats. They are light-weight, durable and fire resistant.

Composite roof shingles are made from mare than one material combined. This way the manufacturer can improve the quality, durability and resistance to rot and decay of their product. These are becoming more and more popular as their benefits are becoming known.

Metal and slate shingles are more expensive than asphalt. They do have an attractive appearance. They will increase the value of your home and they are worth the investment if your budget will cover them.

Another factor to consider when choosing the type of roof shingles is what type of structure they are going to be used on. Whether it is a home, an office, a barn or a shed, the amount of weight that the structure can hold as well as the function of the building should be weighed in.

Warranty and Rating

You should take time to evaluate and compare the warranty that comes with the shingles. There are twenty, thirty and even forty year warranties. Make sure that you are getting the best warranty available for your roof shingles.

Each type of shingle comes with a rating. These ratings are an evaluation of how you can expect the shingles to perform. Factors like a colder climate should be considered. The harsher the weather in your area the higher the rating you should choose.


All types of shingles come in a variety of colors. When deciding on which color for your roof you can look at pictures online. You will want a color that suits your house and that goes well with the surrounding houses in your neighborhood.

Try to find pictures of similarly styled houses with different colors of roofs. This way you can visualize how that particular color will look on your house.


There are pros and cons to each type of shingle, but there are many manufacturers who produce high-quality shingles. They basically have the same standards but they do differ slightly. The most popular producer of shingles today is GAF Roofing Shingles. They have established a reputation for producing a high-quality product.

Some other major manufacturers you should look at before choosing are: BP, ELK, Certainteed, IKO, Landmark, Owens Corning, Pinnacle, Presidential, Tamko and Timberline.

You really should compare as many of these producer’s products for cost, rating, warranty, appearance and function. By doing careful research on-line you will save yourself both time and money.