Rope Hammock - Investment in Comfort

The rope hammock has been used for thousands of years by tribal people. A rope hammock can take the place of a bed or couch, and can be used inside or out.

Most rope hammocks are made with spreader bars to keep the hammock relatively flat. Because of the interlocking weave of the rope, however, the hammock will give where needed, resulting in real comfort. For areas where a full sized rope hammock is impractical, consider a hanging woven hammock chair. These provide the same swaying relaxed feel on a smaller scale.

Rope Hammock Materials

Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose a rope hammock made of cotton, Olefin, or polyester. Synthetic materials like polyester are more durable when exposed to the rigors of sun and rain, and make a good choice for outdoor use. Cotton has a reputation of being more comfortable because it is natural, but newer synthetic rope materials are more natural feeling than ever before.

For those people who like to choose environmentally responsible products, there is a rope hammock available that is made from recycled soft-drink bottles. Called the "Envirope" hammock, it is available from the folks at Eastwind Crafts, Greenfeet, and other online markets.

A rope hammock or chairs make a pleasant place to relax in the yard. They can be hung from trees or a special stand. A stand makes the hammock easy to move from place to place. By using tree straps, available from hammock dealers, you can move a tree hung rope hammock as well.

There are also posts and stands for attaching the hammock to a tree on one end and to a stand on the other. A rope hammock is a small investment in comfort, starting at around $100 or so before buying the stand or hardware. Stands are available in different styles from utilitarian metal pipes to artistically designed wooden works of art.

Expect to spend over $150 for a hanging hammock style chair. Chairs are designed to hold up to 300 pounds. Always supervise children around a rope hammock. Not only is falling a hazard, but a child can become entangled in the ropes. Remember that small children need supervision at all times.