What Each Color Rose Means

Roses are among the most common flowers given. They are given to mark special occasions and holidays. They are also given for no reason at all. Roses are versatile, coming in many varieties and colors. It is possible to find roses to suit just about any taste or preference. And a rose is almost always a welcome gift.

However, just like different varieties of flowers, roses have meanings. The color of the rose given represents different things. While there are few people left in today's societies who actually care about the language of flowers and, more specifically, roses, it is still interesting to know what different colored roses mean. Besides, if you know what the colors mean, and the recipient knows, then you share something that has more meaning than any mere flower.

Red roses: These are the classics. Everyone knows that red roses are symbols of love. A single red rose with a long stem can communicate, I love you more eloquently than a grand bouquet of any other flower variety. They are the most popular variety because their message is unmistakable. They are a symbol of enduring romantic love. Because they are so popular, red roses are very expensive around Valentine's Day and Christmas, when people are thinking about special loved ones.

Pink roses: Pink roses come in three main colors. Each of these colors - pale, light, and deep - means something different. Pink roses mainly express feelings of a platonic nature. Pale pink roses symbolize gratitude, grace, and gentleness. Light pink roses indicate happiness and fun. They mean that the recipient is a joy to behold, someone who is fun to be around. Deep pink roses are expressions of gratitude. They are sent in thanks for some benefit the sender received from the recipient.

Lavender roses: Roses of this light purple, sometimes also called lilac are indicative of love at first sight. When someone sends these flowers, he or she is saying that the recipient has enchanted the sender, and that he or she felt an immediate attraction. These roses are especially appropriate to send just after meeting someone, or if you particularly enjoyed a date and felt that there was a strong mutual attraction.

White roses: Like all things white, these are symbols of innocence, purity, and truth. They also send the message that the sender is worthy of the recipient (has pure intentions, is pure in body and soul). White roses also send an I miss you message.

Coral roses: Flowers of this color are bright and seem to burn with passion. And for a color so bright, the only message that can be sent is desire.

Peach roses: Sending peach roses just like sending pink roses, is a more platonic gesture. These roses can have two different meanings. The first is of gratitude and appreciation, and the second can be an expression of sympathy.

Orange roses: Orange is a rather enthusiastic color, and this is exactly what orange roses are meant to convey. Orange roses are an indication of the enthusiasm that the sender feels for the recipient. It is a happy, loving sort of enthusiasm. These brightly colored roses also indicate desire.

Yellow roses: Yellow roses are appropriate for a variety of occasions, and are used often in congratulations. Weddings and graduations are very good reasons to send yellow roses. New mothers are also prime candidates for receiving yellow roses. And, because the yellow rose is the flower of Texas, no excuse is ever needed to send yellow roses to a Texan. A Texan is always happy to receive a yellow rose, no matter the occasion.

But there is one thing that yellow roses communicate loud and clear: friendship. You should never send yellow roses to someone for whom you have romantic feelings. These flowers also indicate a desire for freedom, so if your significant other is sending you yellow roses, he or she might be giving you a subtle hint.

Finally, though few people would do this anymore, sending dead roses is always an option. Dead roses, no matter their color, can mean only on thing: We're through. Sending dead flowers may be the ultimate way to avoid a messy face-to-face break up.

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