If you have a garden, you'll find that you can save time and energy by using rototillers. Rototillers are electric or gas-powered tools with spinning tines that can help you to break up soil and dig furrows much faster than you could with a spade. Rototillers are also useful for adding compost and other nutrients to soil.

There are many rototillers available on the market, with distinct characteristics and prices. Before investing in rototillers, find out which will work best for your gardening needs. You can rent rototillers if you'll just be using them once a year, but if you plan to use them more often it's a good idea to purchase your rototillers.

Rototiller Tines

Rear tine rototillers are the tools to choose when you're breaking up earth and adding compost and other nutrients to a large garden. Self-propelled rear tine rototillers are easy to handle and a good choice for big jobs. They usually can operate in both forward and reverse and use the rototiller's weight to push the tines into the ground. These are the most expensive types of rototillers.

For digging and mixing soil, rototillers with front tines are a good choice. These rototillers are usually equipped with wheels and a metal pike for breaking up soil. Rocks in the earth can cause these rototillers to jump around and it takes some strength to control them. However, they get the job done and are generally less expensive than rear tine rototillers.

Small rototillers can be used once a garden is on its way and plants are growing. These are the least expensive types of rototillers. Small rototillers are great for using between the rows of plants and for weeding the garden. Because these rototillers are less powerful, though, they're not recommended for larger jobs.

Rototillers come with a variety of bells and whistles to make for an easier job. On some rototillers, the height can be adjusted for different operators. Other rototillers use ergonomic handles to ease the physical strain of the garden work. Still others have features such as tine shields or driver safety controls for additional safety.