Rubbermaid Big Max Shed

Any homeowner who has struggled with where to put the lawnmower, leaf blower and a variety of garden implements could use a little extra storage. Enter the Rubbermaid Big Max Shed, which will easily store all those yard goodies and lots more.

The Rubbermaid Big Max Shed - standing at an impressive 7 feet, 6 inches high -- can handle even the heaviest of tools or mowers, thanks to the commercial grade floor that can withstand heavy traffic. The floor of the Rubbermaid Big Max Shed resists cracking or breaking and its solid base makes stowing garden items simple.

Lots of Space

Since the Rubbermaid Big Max Shed boasts 271 cubic feet of storage space, you can move every unmanageable rake, shovel and hose into the shed. Thanks to the wide double doors, feel free to roll in the riding mower. And since the doors are lockable, you don't need worry about a neighbor taking the mower out for a joy ride.

Though there's none of the funky charm found in the "barn-style" sheds of old, the practicality of the Rubbermaid Big Max Shed makes this one shed worth hauling into the backyard. It comes in two large boxes which might make you shudder just for a minute, but fear not. While the thought of constructing a shed might make you a little nervous, the people at Rubbermaid have this covered too. If two people construct this big daddy, it is supposed to take less than an hour.

Weather-Proof Storage

When the weather outside turns frightful, your garden tools - now nearly obsolete for a few months - will be safe and dry inside the Rubbermaid Big Max Shed. Since this storage building is roomy, you might even have room to tuck in some patio furniture cushions and a market umbrella. The Rubbermaid Big Max Shed also features a house-style pitched roof so rain and snow will be chased away and moisture won't get to your beloved tools.

Although the Rubbermaid Big Max Shed is large and practical, you can make it even larger and more functional than you thought possible. Add the expansion pack to make the shed larger. You'll easily increase the size from 7' x 7' to 7' x 10 1/2'. Increase its functionality by adding the accessory kit, which includes a long-handled tool rack and four shelves.