Rustic Kitchen Decor

Rustic Kitchen DecoratingRustic kitchen decor is at the height of home redecoration fashion right now and has been for some time. The reason mainly given for this particular trend is that rustic decor automatically gives the kitchen the right level of warmth and homeliness that it needs to become the heart of the house.

The kitchen should always be the heart of the home and the ideas, colours and designs that are to be found in this particular area are perfect. However, before you explore the ideas of rustic kitchen decor, you should know a little about it and what options are open to you.

Rustic kitchen decor is designed to mirror Tuscan designs that appear in old cottages and farm houses. They embrace natural light and encourage effective use of furniture to create space. It draws inspiration from nature and embodies all things Mediterranean. As such, you have branches, flowers, terracotta tiles, wooden furniture and open, uncluttered spaces. All of these elements have a part not play in establishing a rustic effect that will make your kitchen seem more appealing than the rest of the house.

There is no set way to establish rustic kitchen decor. Instead, it is all about your own personal creativity and expression combining with an element of functionality and practicality that can make it a haven for you to bake in. Even if you do not bake, this is the effect that is desired from rustic kitchen decor.

Ideas for Achieving That Rustic Effect

Believe it or not, you do not have to spend a fortune to achieve effective and visually appealing rustic kitchen decor in your home. Instead, you can create the same effect on any given budget. However, before you choose the correct accessories for your budget, you need to know the basics. The first is the colour scheme.

Oranges, browns, yellows and reds are all staple elements of rustic kitchen decor because they are warm colours that draw in natural light and highlight its use in the space. You will also need wooden furniture. It should be made of natural woods like pine rather than overly dark woods but it should always be heavy and relatively chunky.

You can either go one of two ways after considering the colour and the wooden furniture used. You can choose natural decor or more Mediterranean focused kitchen decor. The latter involves stone flooring and rustic coloured walls. It also includes heavy wooden furniture that gives the environment a rich and open feel. Iron and copper accessories fit into this rustic decor idea because the light tends to reflect well off them to give the space a larger and yet more welcoming feel.

If you opt for natural rustic kitchen decor then you should look to more natural patterns and accessories instead, such as marble backsplashes, pine counters, cement flooring and golden brown walls. However, no matter which you choose, you should always bear in mind that rustic kitchen decor always favours the notion of family, as Italian kitchens do. This is why there should be clear spaces, huge tables and plenty of room for cooking family meals.

The rustic kitchen decor ideas you choose should be all about your own taste and sensibilities rather than following fashion. The kitchen should mimic those Mediterranean trends around but have something of you in there so bear that in mind when you are looking for inspiration.

Photo by JHvision, Creative Commons Attribution License