Santa Fe Dehumidifier

The Santa Fe Dehumidifier is an excellent choice for removing and reducing basement mold, mildew, and allergens. Today, many doctors and allergists recommend the use of a dehumidifier to keep patients healthy and allergy free.

Since most household mold and mildew problems take place in the basement, a basement unit is a wonderful way to remove irritants. The Santa Fe Dehumidifier is a high quality, high capacity unit that can handle 100 pints per day. It has an anti freeze mechanism and won't freeze up if your basement conditions reach below 55 degrees.

When you place your dehumidifier, you need to make sure it is not facing a wall or any object that will obstructed flow of the dehumidified air. You will need to connect the dehumidifier to your basement's floor drain for adequate drainage. The Santa Fe Dehumidifier will cover up to 2500 square feet, it has a washable filter, and can handle temperature ranges between 55 degrees F. and 105 degrees F. The Santa Fe Dehumidifier isn't silent but it does come with an optional muffler kit if you would like it to be a little less noisy.

Santa Fe Dehumidifier: The House Unit

The Santa Fe Dehumidifier Whole House Unit is designed for both home and office use. These units are much quieter than the basement units and come with an optional HEPA air filter. The Santa Fe Dehumidifier Whole House Unit will cover areas up to 2200 sq. feet. The Whole House unit will handle temperature ranges from 55 degrees F. to 105 degrees F.

The sound of the Santa Fe Dehumidifier Whole House Unit is comparable to the sound of a refrigerator. It comes with its own internal built in condensate pump. Your unit will come with a manufacturer's warranty, so make sure that when you purchase your unit, you make a note of the warranty.

The Santa Fe Dehumidifier Whole House Unit is also attractive and will reduce mold and mildew from the entire house. The HEPA filter is highly recommended by allergists and doctors for the removal of dust, mold and mildew.