Scented Bird Deterrent Pellets

Scented bird deterrent pellets are a good alternative solution for keeping birds away from your plants or garden. Birds are often attracted to certain items in your yard either as a place to nest or to rummage for food. While birds are lovely creatures that are generally thought of as able to roam free, when they start disrupting or making a mess in your home, they cross the line into pest.

Homeowners do everything they can to rid their home of pests. Most people do not want to actually kill the birds, they merely want them to stop coming into their yard. So, a repellant is usually the most humane way to go about doing this. Scented bird deterrent pellets are one of the items that can be used to accomplish this.

Scented bird deterrent pellets can be found in home and garden stores, home improvement stores and on the Internet. They are best used before a nest has started. Once a bird has an established nest, it is much more difficult to get rid of them and stronger scented bird deterrent pellets will have to be used.

The way scented bird deterrents work is that the bird senses the change in the environment which causes a physiological change. This makes the bird uncomfortable with their surroundings and entices them to leave the area.

The pellets do not actually harm the bird, it just makes them so uncomfortable that they want to leave. This is a great solution for people who do not wish to take more drastic measures and wish to remain as humane as possible while protecting their property.

If applying the product to ledges, overhangs and rooftops, you can scatter the scented bird deterrent pellets loosely along the edge. You can also use a cheesecloth to gather the pellets on. The scent will slowly be released over the course of two to three months at which time you should re apply.

There are scented bird repellent pellets that are formulated for use on the ground as well which is convenient for gardens or other plats that attract birds. These can be scattered on the ground and again left for two to three months while the scent is slowly emitted.

Once the birds have left, you should keep up the treatment for awhile afterward. Birds may temporarily leave but continue to come back if the area in which they were nesting has a strong attraction. So, it is important not to be lax with keeping up with maintenance. After awhile, you can reduce the applications and start up again if you notice an increase in bird activity.

Guard granules are sold for use with scented bird deterrent pellets. These handy items protect the pellets from wind and rain and allow them to last longer. This is helpful on the budget and also allows you to get the maximum use out of the pellets. Scented bird deterrent pellets are typically sold in one pound containers and are fairly inexpensive, ranging from ten to fifteen dollars.

The application will last you two to three months depending on the area in which you need to cover. However, the damage that is prevented during this time is well worth any additional expense needed to repel the unwanted pests that are taking up residence in your home.

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