Scraping Off Acoustical Ceiling

The house you moved into is great. It has nice big rooms, plenty of space and it is very clean. The only drawback happens when you look up. For some reason someone went that tacky route and put in acoustical ceiling texture. You hate those because of the little bubblets in the ceiling are so unsightly. They need to be removed. Here is a step by step guide on how to get those little puffy blobs by scraping off acoustical ceiling texture.

The Process of Removal

The most important first step is to test your acoustical ceiling texture for asbestos. There are kits for doing this in most hardware stores. Next you need to remove any furniture that is in the place as this process is going get texture everywhere.

For a quick cleanup, just roll out some cheap plastic all over. When you are done just roll it up and toss it away or recycle the plastic at your local center. Check the tile next to see if it has been painted over. If it hasn’t been painted over then wetting the tile a little will make this job extremely easy.

If it has been painted you will have to spray it heavily then scrape. Wear masks when scraping the tile. Use the widest scarper you can find. Metal is the best to use. To get to higher places use a ladder or scaffolding. A nice trick is a square point shovel to scrape a ceiling with out using a ladder.


Be really careful when you are scraping to not put holes in the drywall. You may have one or two spots even if you are the most careful scraper. Reduce this punching by keeping your edge level and watch arm fatigue as that will make you cause mistakes. Scrape as much as you can get off. After it is all scraped to the best of your ability, break out the drywall patch to fix any tears or new holes.

After the first scraping and patching it is a good idea to roll up your plastic and toss it. Sanding is the next step so you may want to just leave the initial plastic down instead of having to use another whole roll for the sanding step. After sanding you may want to prime and paint or add some textures of your own using the drywall compound and a stipple brush.

Tips and Tricks

    If your texture has been painted you will need an outside hose set on a fine mist to wet it down properly before scraping.

    If you do not feel comfortable using a metal trowel, then use a plastic one it will be more elbow grease but you will not punch as many holes into the drywall.

    Wetting the texture and waiting will save you from rolling out plastic just have a handled container ready to receive your shaving from your trowel.

    The stress is put on again about using the asbestos testing kit before you scrape your textures off. Just be careful.

    Finally you might discover that the acoustic tile was hiding a fault far worse than the texture was, so be prepared for that type of discovery.

You have just cleaned the gaudy acoustic texture from your new house. You have a clean slate to do what you want to with your ceiling including leaving it as a clean slate.

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