How to Screen a Porch

A front or back porch on a house has always been an area for entertaining, relaxing, and for enjoying the outdoors. Using the existing porch area, it is possible to turn a porch into a room that can be used much like the rooms inside the house. This gives a homeowner extra room as well as providing a special place to enjoy the weather. If the porch has already been built, screening any and is its relatively small job.

What You Will Need

Your instructions on how to screen a porch will call for a miter saw, a handsaw or a reciprocating saw, a drill with bits, a power nailer, or a masonry drill bit, and a pneumatic nailer or a standard hammer. A tape measure, carpenter’s square and a level should be kept handy. You will need some chalk in order to mark areas that have been measured.

Instructions on how to screen a porch say you will need pressure-treated lumber that is 2" x 4". Boards that are 2" x 4" and 2" x 2" should be purchased and ready to use. Lath material, paint, primer, and assorted paintbrushes will be needed depending on what style you will be wanting for be screened in porch.

One vital item is enough rip resistant screens to make up a screen walls. The tougher the screens, the less likely you are to have to replace them often. Purchasing a screen door kit is an easy way to get all the items you need to make the screen door. These kits will include the latches and hinges. And lastly, you will want safety glasses to protect your eyes.

Screening the Porch

Instructions on how to screen a porch begin with the sill. A sill plate can be created by laying out 2”x4” boards at the bottom. The sill plate should be completely square if you are unsure, use the framing square to be sure. The sill plate can then be fastened to the floor.

Take special care to get the corners fastened as securely as possible. On top of the sill plate, attach one layer of plain, untreated wood. This will be a place that any decorative trim can be added later.

Take a stud and stand it above still plate, and against the wall. It can be temporarily fastened it makes it easier. A board can then be placed against the ceiling, with the stud supporting one end of the board.

The location for the top plate should then be marked. This can be done all around the porch perimeter. Then nail the plate onto the ceiling. Instructions on how to screen a porch call for using the handsaw or reciprocating saw to take any base plates from the doorways.

The wall studs can then be installed. These should be spaced dependent on the screen width that will be used. Many screens come in widths of 3’, but it is important to measure the screens to be sure of their size.

The door frame, balusters, and the top rail can then be installed. The chalk and the level can be used to mark a line on the studs that will be level. It will be about 32” above the floor. The 2”x4” boards can be cut to the appropriate length and then installed between the studs to form a rail at the top.

Balusters can be cut from the 2”x2” boards in order to fit them in between the sill plate and the top rail. Frame the areas for the door, and install doorstops at the sides and top. Instructions on how to screen a porch will then require you to apply the screens.

The screen material will have to be cut to the appropriate seizes and stapled to the wall studs. Be sure that the screen material is taut and will not ripple.