Screened Porch Building Plans

Screened porches are a popular haven from both a hectic household and the more hectic world outside the house. Screened porches are typically constructed of two or three walls of screens, and one wall belonging to the main house. A screened in porch may be built from scratch where there was no porch before, or existing porch can have screened walls constructed around it. Whichever one is best for the house, screened porch building plans are a must before any work is done.

Deciding What You Want in a Porch

Deciding what you want in a screened porch means analyzing what type of screened enclosure will go best with your house’s layout and design. Screened porches do tend to blend in with any style house. They are easy to plan for, as they are inexpensive and can be done very quickly. But, having appropriate screened porch building plans are the first logical step in planning out your new haven.

Screened porch building plans come in every type of style and design. There are plans for extremely elaborate screened porches with both windows and screens. There are plans for very simple screened enclosures that are not much more than screens nailed together with the door added on one wall.

You will have to decide how elaborate and/or expensive you want the screened in porch to be. You also have to decide what size you want the porch. A shorter porch is good for front porch areas that will be close to the road. In some of these cases, people prefer to build their screened in porch in the back of the house rather than the front. There are also plans for wraparound screened porches to go around two or three sides of the house.

Before building a screened in porch, it also must decide what types of materials you want to use. Some screened porch building plans may not be workable with certain materials, while other lands will give you a much better effect with the materials you chosen.

The screened in porch may be constructed from bare wood, painted wood, aluminum siding, or vinyl siding. Screened in porches with citing are popular because they are very low maintenance. Wood is a very attractive alternative, but it can require costly maintenance to keep it looking like new.

What Will You Use the Porch For?

Once you narrow down the list of screened porch building plans that will suit your house and your taste, it is a good idea to decide what you will use the porch for. This can affect the size and shape of the porch as well as where it is situated.

Some people like to situate their screened in porches in spots where sunlight will win will not be a problem. Other people like there are porch in full sunlight. If you are expecting to be doing a lot of reading or detailed work in the porch, building it in a spot that gets plenty of sunlight is a good idea.

Some people use screened in porches as play rooms for children, others use them as back patios that are insulated from bugs. Still others use them like a second living room, spending a lot of time out on the porch. Imagining what you will be doing regularly on the porch should impact what type of screened porch building plans you will consider.

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