Screened Porch Projects

A screened in porch is a like an empty canvas for a creative home improvement enthusiast. Most screened porch projects are simple enough to be completed in a few hours. Yet, they can do quite a bit to enhance the living space. the addition of a wall bench, a shallow wrap around ledge, or even the addition of some furniture all make the screened porch a place where you will want to spend the majority of your warm weather time.

Adding Shelving

One simple screened porch project that will make your porch a much more inviting place for party guests to stand around is to add a shallow shelf, or wrap, all the way around the perimeter. Begin by making a quick trip to your local home improvement store and finding enough linear feet of board material to go all the way around the room.

Since this is going to be on porch, it doesn’t have to be the highest quality wood, but you don’t want people getting splinters either. Find some straight pieces of a nice clean, yet economical, 1x6 stock. Generally, in a screened in porch, the framing that you need to support this shelf is already in place. The middle support of the screen walls should be at an ideal height for this shelf. All that you have to do is screw it down.

Built-in Bench

A built in bench is also another simple screened porch project. Using basic framing lumber, construct a simple four-legged bench with a top made from slatted 2 x 4’s. The structure of the bench can be screwed right into the framed walls giving it an lot of stability. This is a quick way to add seating to your outdoor living space, without adding a lot of expense.

For some, the idea of decorating and designing a porch seems absurd. To others, this is a dream project. If you are one who loves the idea of picking out designer furniture and accessories for your outdoor space, then the addition of some nice patio furniture may be your ideal screened porch project.

New Furniture

Though many home improvement retailers now carry some very nice patio furniture, most styles look the same. If you are in the market for something that is unique and that the neighbors won’t have, then check with some higher end furniture stores. Though they may not have the sets in stock, they will be able to order them. A nice set of patio furniture can add a lot of instant zip to your space.

Whatever screened porch project you choose, remember that any improvements that you make are good ones. Homes that have finished outdoor living spaces almost always have higher re-sale values than homes that do not.

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