Sealy Mattress

Ever wonder just what it is that makes people want a Sealy mattress so much they will pay premium prices for one? Well, here is a look at just what goes into the making of a Sealy mattress, and you can decide for yourself if is it worth it.

Designers at the Sealy mattress company realized, with the help of orthopedic surgeons, that the key to a good nights sleep lay in the support of the body, particularly the spine. So box springs built with steel modules and a steel spine were developed to provide the best support with durability coming along with the package as an added extra bonus. And although the Sealy mattress modules, made of steel, provide this extra strength and durability, they also provide absorption of shock that comes from weight and movement.

What Makes a Sealy Mattress So Good?

The combination of strength, durability, and resiliency in a Sealy mattress set make it a leading bedding option. Few people realize that Sealy holds more research and development patents in the industry than any other manufacturer. So when you buy a Sealy mattress, you know you are getting the best.

You can get a Sealy mattress and box springs anywhere from around $300 all the way up to $5,000 for a queen-sized set. Since you spend more time sleeping on your bed than you do using any other piece of furniture in your home, it is smart to consider this when purchasing bedding. When you spend a third of your lifetime on something, paying a little more to get the best ranks high on the smart-investment list. And buying a Sealy mattress is truly an investment in good sleep, which equals overall good health.

To find a Sealy mattress reseller, simply go to the Sealy mattress company's Web site at Click on the Store Locator tab, enter your Zip code, and you will be given a list of Sealy mattress retailers within a 75-mile range of where you live.

Buying a Sealy mattress and box spring set may not solve all your problems, but it will definitely get you back on the road to waking up feeling refreshed. So isnt it time you got a Sealy mattress set, and finally get the good sleep you deserve?