Shower Sealant Application

There are many reasons why you would want to install shower sealant in your showers. Lots of older structures were designed without paying any mind to the structural implications of having a room filled with mist which can soak into the building material. Therefore, you may have huge problems with mold, rot, or any number of other structural troubles.

If your showers are not properly sealed from the water vapors, you should consider purchasing shower sealant and applying it in order to avoid some unpleasant things in the future. The application is very easy, and will not take more than a few minutes to have a whole new shower. The methods vary greatly depending on the sealant that you buy, but they usually fall into a few main categories.

Crack Repair

First of all, you should take care of any large cracks which might allow moisture to permeate deeply into the wall. These often occur in corners, where the drywall has not been brought together closely enough to make it solid. To take care of this, you should use caulk before you use any sort of shower sealant.

Caulk is designed specifically for sealing up cracks, so this is perfect for what you need it for. You can also use this around the edge of the bathtub itself, since there is sometimes a small gap that forms over time. Water will drip into this at alarming rates, and cause huge problems.

Shower Sealant Application on Surfaces

Once you have the largest gaps taken care of, you will need to consider the permeability of surfaces that you considered solid. The shower sealant that you can buy at any home improvement store will work for this. The process usually involves spraying the sealant on all of the areas in question, then waiting for it to dry and begin protecting your walls and ceiling.

You can purchase the sealant in aerosol cans meant for a single shower, or you can buy larger bottles that can be poured into individual spray bottles in order to take care of several different showers. It all depends on how much shower you actually need to seal up that will affect your decision.

Brush Ons

Also sold are shower sealant solutions that are brushed on or wiped onto the ceiling and wall that are in immediate proximity to the shower. You will spread it on the wall in the same way that you would spread paint, but you will judge where you have been by where the wall is shiny from the wet sealant.

This method is preferred by some over spraying the sealant, since you can get a more extensive coverage and be a little bit more certain about how even it is. Brushing it on allows you to spread it out very well, so that you do not miss any spots and so that you do not end up with large amounts in one area that will cause the paint to look unpleasant.

The best way to apply the shower sealant is to read the instructions of the particular brand that you have purchased. This is much more specific than anything else you could be told, and therefore it will be much more helpful. Sealing up your shower is a great move to make, and can preserve your house for many more years.

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