How to Use Silicone Sealer for Sealing Grout

Sealing grout serves two purposes: It helps prevent moisture from seeping through the joints of the tiles, and it also helps guard against tiles becoming stained and mildewed. It doesn't take rocket science to learn how to use silicone sealer for sealing grout and taking the time to do so can not only help your new tile floor look good longer, but can also save you from one heck of a job replacing floor substrate later on down the road.

After grouting tile, wait a minimum of two days before applying silicone grout sealer. Some grouts take up to two weeks to thoroughly cure, so it's best to read the directions on the package or bag of grout to make sure you're giving it time enough to dry all the way through before applying silicone sealant for grout.


Anytime you're working with silicone grout sealer, grout, ceramic tile, or basically anything in which fine dust or particles, fumes, liquids, or anything else that might get inhaled into your lungs or find its way into your eyes, it's smart to wear eye protection and gloves. Some people take the extra precaution of wearing face masks or respirators. So make sure you've got at least minimum protective wear on before you start this project.

Splashing a little clear silicone sealant for grout on glazed tiles doesn't do any harm, but if your floor tiles are natural stone or some other porous natural material, the sealer could discolor them. Take precautions against this by keeping a soft rag handy to wipe up any silicone grout sealer that may bleed over or spill onto unglazed tiles.

Pour a small amount of the sealer into a plastic bucket or pail. Using a wide foam paintbrush, dip it into the silicone grout sealer and tap the foam brush against the side of the pail to knock off excess. Run the foam brush along the grout line, making sure all grout surfaces are coated. Silicone grout sealer takes about 24 hours to dry and can be walked on freely then.

Re-seal grout every six months to a year. It only takes a little bit of time and could potentially save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. So there you have it -how to apply silicone sealant for grout. See, we told you it wasn't rocket science!

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