Properly Sizing your Lawn Mower

sizing your lawn mowerWhen it comes to your lawn improperly sizing your lawn mower can cause serious frustration and a very deep dissatisfaction for the lawn mowing process. Today you will find that there are more types, sizes, and styles of lawn mowers and lawn tractors than at any other time in history.

People have finally come to the decision that lawns are an extension of our homes and are going to great lengths to make our lawn and garden area, an exterior living space.

By doing that, they are also bringing more things into that space that take up space and require a lawn mower that has the ability to properly maneuver around it all. Or at the very least anticipating greater work by moving things in order to properly mow. This could be avoided all together by taking the time to insure that you are sizing your lawn more correctly not only for the space you have but also the lawn care needs of that particular space.

Many people are not even aware that there are different sizes among lawn mowers. Beyond that, most people do not understand the impact that selecting the wrong size can have on their ability and desire to actually get out and take care of the lawn work at hand. The truth of the matter is that the size of your lawn is not the only concern when sizing your lawn mower. You should also concern yourself with obstacles that will obstruct a clear path for mowing.

Selecting the Proper Size

We have seen a massive increase in what I consider tract housing in this country. Nice large custom built homes on very small pieces of land. These homes are an excellent choice for young families and those who do not wish to spend a great deal of time and energy on lawn maintenance. The lawns are small and there are typically quite a few obstacles as a result of limited space.

For these types of lawns, the old fashioned walk behind push lawn mower or the newer solar or electric lawn mowers are ideal. These mowers are often priced very reasonably while offering no unnecessary frills for such limited space.

When sizing your lawn mower for a more moderately sized lawn you may want to consider the value of a self propelled lawn mower. These are a little larger most of the time and require a little less work. That convenience of course comes with a price tag but the self-propelling feature of these mowers is well worth the price if you have uneven landscaping or hills and slopes on your lawn. Electric lawn mowers simply do not have the power to deal with larger lawns and are not a viable option unless you want to mow a small section at a time. I would recommend avoiding it.

Extremely large lawns, particularly those that are flat and offer few obstructions are best suited for riding lawn mowers or lawn tractors. These mowers tend to be budget killers but if you are mowing an acre or more of land in the August sunshine you will find that it is a worthy investment. Depending on the size of your land and the terrain you will be covering there are added features you can purchase for your mower that will make the process even easier.

Size Matters

No matter what you hear, when it comes to sizing your lawn mower, the size of your lawn is what matters most. Second to that is the type of terrain. You should take great care that you do not get too much lawn for your mower or you will find that maneuverability is such an issue that you are missing large chunks of lawn and needing to spend a lot more time with the weed eater.

lawn mowers image by Keith McDuffee