The Slate Kitchen Countertop

Slate is one material that offers style and beauty when it comes to your kitchen countertop, it can be used with almost any style of kitchen from contemporary to traditional. It is less costly than marble and it is generally hardwearing which means it is can stand the rigours of the toughest chef, although the softer slate can be scratch prone.

However while there are many good points to having slate as your countertop, there are disadvantages too with the main being installation problems and maintaining the surface.

When it comes to colours then slate countertops are hard to beat some of the huge range includes polished copper, rustic autumn, ocean green polished and natural, multicolour, quartzite, silver grey and silver polished and of course black. You usually have the choice of either the stone polished or a natural finish with virtually of colours and styles.

The cost of slate can vary considerably and the colour can be a factor in this, black slate is usually the dearest of all the colours but is also one of the most popular colours due it showing off the natural beauty of the slate.

Pros and Cons

Without a doubt one of the biggest pluses for the slate countertop is the natural beauty and elegance that the countertop brings to the kitchen and home and if you are considering one of the natural stone countertops then this is one of the best choices from among them. All natural stone countertops could require a little more maintenance than other materials but providing you are aware of these and are willing to put up with them it is an excellent choice.

Depending on the type of slate it can be very porous and as this is the case it may need to be sealed at times to avoid staining on the surface of the slate and therefore spoiling the beauty of the countertop. Another downside is that slate is relatively soft and so you would be limited to your choice of edging, a rounded edge is the most suitable as this is less likely to chip.

Slate can be prone to scratching; however any scratches that do occur on the surface can be easily removed with a little work. If the scratches are only minor then nothing more is needed than a damp sponge but deeper scratches will require buffing out with a steel wool pad, you should however take great care as not all scratches can be removed so never ever use knives on the surface without a block.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line when it comes to the slate kitchen countertop is that if you want the beauty of natural stone and a great choice of colours and are not too concerned about the limitations when it comes to choosing an edging style then slate is one of the best choices.

Simple common sense such as installing wooden chopping boards when it comes to chopping and cutting so as not to work on the actual surface of the countertop is all that is needed to keep the slate scratch free. Slate really have to be seen to appreciate its true beauty so never buy online without first seeing the actual colour up close, slate is not one of the cheapest options when it comes to kitchen countertops and you will either love it or hate it.