Slate Roofing Tile

Nothing represents stability of design more than good quality slate roofing tile. For centuries, slate roofing tile has been the material of choice to cover a roof, and it lasts a century, or sometimes more than that.

Fortunately, slate is readily available in the United States and it can be purchased in many shapes or colors. Although slate roofing tile is a traditional material, it need not be ordinary; you can purchase slate roofing tile in a variety of colors and textures and arrange them in striking patterns.


Standard slate roofing tile is 3/16 inch thick and is of uniform length and width. It is laid on the roof in horizontal lines, or each piece of tile can be cut into a diamond or hexagonal shape for a Gothic design. The standard slate roofing comes in a variety of colors, but the most popular shade is dark grey, black or blue.

Slate roofing tile can be found in textured styles which do not have a standard length and width. These varieties look more like natural stone and can give a home a more rustic feel. Since the thickness varies, most roofers choose to lay textured slate roofing tile in horizontal lines, rather than patterns.


The color of slate roofing tile depends on the chemical composition of the slate. All slate becomes weathered and fades to a degree, but the higher quality the slate, the longer it will take to start fading or cracking. Some kinds of slate change only slightly and are called unfading although to expect slate not to weather at all is unrealistic.

Pennsylvania quarries produce some of the best slate in the country, and much of the slate roofing tile used in the United States comes from Pennsylvania or Tennessee. The classic shades for Pennsylvania slate is grey and blue, and much of the tile purchased is hand split and dressed.

You can also find purple and red slate, although these colors are more unusual. Many people like to create patterns with different colors of slate roofing tile by alternating reds and blues or greys and purples.

Slate roofing tile gives your home a classic, traditional look. It is highly recommended as roofing material, and the extra cost is well worth the investment, since you will probably not need to replace it for the better part of a century.