Slate Roofing Materials Tips

If you love the look of an old fashioned slate roof, you may be considering using slate roofing materials on your home. A slate roof wears well and looks wonderful for years after it is installed. However, slate roofing materials can be challenging to work with and are a bit more expensive than most other roofing materials.

Before you decide to use slate roofing materials on your house, you should take a look at your roof. A roof with several levels or a very steep slant can be a bit tricky to re-roof no matter what material you use. When you are using slate, a tricky roof can be even more challenging to work with.


If you still want to use slate roofing materials, you may want to have a professional do the installation. If a slate roof is improperly installed, it can leak, which can cause serious damage to your home. However, if you decide to install your slate roof yourself, be sure that you use the right materials.

You will need to start by checking the wood under the shingles that you are replacing to make sure that it is not rotten. If the wood is rotten, you will need to remove the damaged portion and replace it with fresh plywood.

Once you have removed any rotten wood and have a strong foundation for your new roof, you are ready to apply a layer of waterproof material. Most people opt to use felt paper. This paper is reasonably priced and easy to work with. After the felt paper is down, you can finally start putting your slate roof into place.

Faux Slate

For people who like the look of slate roofing materials, but can't afford the cost of real slate, there is a more economical solution. Faux slate tiles look like real slate, but are much more reasonably priced and much lighter. Since it is created with man-made materials, a faux slate roof also is very durable. Of course, for most people, the best thing about faux slate is that it is easier to work with than true slate tiles.