Sliding Closet Door Installation

If you are considering a sliding closet door installation, it is probably because of the shape and size of your closet and the amount of available space in your bedroom. Sliding doors permit better usage of the space around the entry to a closet because they do not need to open into the room or the closet and they simply roll away out of sight when open.

A sliding closet door installation can be done so that the door slides into a wall cavity or slides along a set of rails on the wall outside or inside the actual closet. The latter is preferable because the bedroom aesthetics wont be affected. There are plenty of designs to choose from including some with frosted glass panels, mirror fronts and moldings.

Carrying out a sliding closet door installation into the existing walls of an established home may not be as easy since the walls would need to be modified, but installing rails on the wall is just as effective and still allows for space to be conserved in the ways mentioned above.

Being somewhat handy with a few carpentry tools means that your sliding closet door installation will be fairly simple. A spirit level is one of the more important tools you will need so that the door does not spontaneously open or close when it is not supposed to. Affixing the rails securely to the wall is also of paramount importance for safetys sake.

When you bring home the hardware for your sliding closet door installation, open all the packaging and mark off the items with the checklist that should be provided with the box. Read all the manufacturers instructions and make sure you have all the requisite tools and materials before you begin. Make sure your cordless drill battery, if using one, is fully charged and ready for action. You will need to check for wall studs before using nails or screws and also check for electrical wiring in the walls. If you are in any doubt, consult a professional. It is a good idea to have someone helping you during installation so try and enlist the help of a friend.

If the door you have purchased requires painting, you should do that before beginning the sliding closet door installation. Painting it on a flat surface such as over trestles is far easier than trying to paint both sides when it is hanging from the rails. Allow to dry thoroughly before hanging. It is also best to affix any hardware such as mirrors, knobs, locks or handles beforehand.

Once your sliding closet door installation is complete, run it back and forth several times to ensure that it opens and closes smoothly and if it does not, it may need some minor adjustments. Now you will be able to say goodbye to those cumbersome swinging doors that require you to manoeuvre your body in order to access your clothes, shoes and sporting equipment lurking in your closet.

Sliding doors can be a feature of the room or they can appear to be almost a part of the wall itself, especially in the case of mirrors with seamless edges. Now you will be able to position your furniture just where you want it instead of allowing for the open door, and you will also be able to stand back and congratulate yourself on a job well done!

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