Sliding Door Window Treatments

sliding door paper screen windowLooking for sliding door window treatments, but don’t want to resort to the age-old classic of vertical blinds ? As all encompassing as they are, they’re not exactly the most wonderful things to look at. Fortunately, window treatment fashion is a blooming industry, and there are now a plethora of options to choose from when selecting an aesthetically pleasing window treatment for your sliding doors.

The Classic Look

    - Curtains/Drapes
    If you’re looking for a sliding door treatment with versatility, choose curtains or drapes. Heavy, glossy fabrics will add an element of elegance and luxury to the room, or you can use a simple, lightweight curtain that reflects a casual atmosphere. Perhaps one of the best things about curtains/drapes is that once the rod is up, you can change the curtains according to season or room décor in a snap.

    - Honeycomb Shades
    The second most popular option to verticals is the honeycomb shade. It’s clean, crisp, and energy efficient. These shades can be found in single to triple honeycombs, and there are hundred of colors to choose from. Even better, many honeycomb shades are created with particular layers for light-filtering, and you can choose a shade according to the level of light you’re hoping to block out – which is great for a room facing a sunrise or sunset.

Asian-Inspired Elegance

    - Bamboo Shades

    This window treatment will divide your sliding doors in half, using a shade on each door – or, if you can find one that’s big enough, use a large wooden shade that covers the whole door. A neutral wooden color like bamboo is highly versatile in any room, and when you mount the shade, just be sure to provide enough room for the shade to roll up and still have enough room to open the door.

    - Shoji Screens

    One choice that is growing with popularity is to use a sliding rice paper Shoji screen in front of your door. Although the screen is a bit of an obstruction to the door, you can easily adjust its position to filter the light, as well as determine what level of privacy you’d like in the room.

Verticals With Style

    - Vertiglide

    Instead of ruling out verticals completely, consider using a vertical cellular shade for your sliding doors. These are called Vertiglides, and they’re much the same as horizontal cellular shades. The only difference is, they pull to the side: vertically. They’re not as obtrusive as plastic vertical blinds, and even better – vertical cellular shades come in honeycomb style, so you’re getting energy efficiency and a stylish window treatment.

    - Fashion Vertical Blinds

    These are not your typical verticals! Fashion vertical blinds are the new alternative to ugly, plastic verticals on your sliding doors. Many verticals now come in bold colors and subtle neutrals, and many are also fabric-oriented – so you have a variety of patterns to choose from as well. Some fashion vertical blinds also have attached sheers for the high-end, wealthy look.

The Modern Tilt

    - Panel Track Blinds

    For a contemporary and modern window treatment, panel track blinds are a way to introduce clean lines into your room design. The one-piece sliding panels are generally available in bold, warm colors and are available in different levels of ‘openness’, that is, light filtering capabilities. The light filter choices range from 3% to 21% translucence, giving you more options according to the needs of each room.

photo by Kumon, CreativeCommons Attribution