Install Sliding Interior Doors

If space is at a premium at your place, you can install sliding interior doors to maximize the available space. Without the need for a swinging area, there is no lost floor space and therefore you can fit more furniture into a room and also not have to worry about where you position it as much as if you will if you install swinging doors. You might even like to install sliding interior doors where there is no lack of space, simply because once the doors are open, there is an unhindered view of the rooms to either side of the doors.

To Maximize Space

Swinging doors require you to be mindful of where to position electrical switches, ceiling fan switches, rugs and furniture. Install sliding interior doors and all of these issues are unimportant. They can be installed as double-width doors that act to divide rooms, disappearing discreetly into the wall and out of the way.

Closets are the perfect application on which to install sliding interior doors. They allow you to see all of your clothes, shoes and other paraphernalia without having to swing the door open or closed, and without having to get behind the door in order to access anything. Now, while they do disappear from sight when open, you still need them to function in various ways when they’re closed.

Closet Decor

If they’re made of wood, they should match the decor of the rest of the room. How about mirror doors? They provide an illusion of greater space in the room and also double as a handy full-length mirror to check yourself in before you go out.

Glass doors are also very attractive; as long as what’s on the other side is aesthetically pleasing! No sense fixing transparent doors where it’s possible to see a wardrobe in disarray beyond them.

You can install sliding interior doors using almost any regular door, but instead of applying hinges, you install them with sliding door hardware. A track is put in just below the head jam of the doorway and then the track is hidden with some kind of decorative trim such as wood architrave or moldings. Most times, a second track is installed at the bottom of the doorway to act as a guide for the doors when opening and closing but this isn’t always necessary.

To install sliding interior doors, go to the hardware and purchase the required equipment. Fit the track to the doorway’s head jamb. You will have door rollers, which need to be attached to the tops of the doors. The rollers are adjustable so you can ensure that everything is in order and plumb.

If everything is not level, you could find that the door rolls open or rolls closed spontaneously when it shouldn’t. If installing a bottom track as well, complete that before hanging the doors from the top. Make any necessary adjustments and slide back and forth to ensure there are no problems and that the door slides smoothly. Finally, fit the decorative trim to hide the hardware.

It’s always a great idea to install sliding interior doors for the reasons mentioned above, but do take care with children around as they often find them irresistible and little fingers can become jammed in between the door and the cavity. In general, however, sliding doors are a wonderfully practical solution to space problems.

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